A robust, flexible platform for running and managing your business.

While our online booking tools are first in their class, FareHarbor’s real power lies behind the scenes. Meet the Dashboard: an elegantly designed platform that has everything you need to manage your day-to-day and beyond.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how a system for bookings should be designed, and putting those ideas into action. The result: a clean, intuitive product that you’ll love using.

Unlimited Customization

A booking system that's as unique as you are.

FareHarbor is designed for flexibility. When we first talk to you, we’ll get to know both you and your business—what you do, how you like to work, and how you want to sell your activities.

From there we’ll use tools like custom fields, customer types, and report filters to create a booking system built just for you.


Get a daily snapshot of your business, or take a deep dive into your data.

FareHarbor includes a comprehensive set of reports to keep you on top of your accounting, bookings, and operations.

Want to track your bookings by source? The number of retail items you sold last month? ROI on your marketing campaigns? Our customizable and shareable reports track all of these metrics, and more.

PLUS Download your reports into Excel or import them into your accounting software.

Card Swiping

Swipe credit cards directly to your iPhone or iPad.

Save time on the go by using our mobile credit card readers to quickly run payments from your iOS device. (You can always key in cards with the same rate, and more devices are coming soon.)


Tightly integrated, PCI-compliant credit card storage.

Charge customers, save credit cards to use later, create refunds, and see your payouts all from your Dashboard. No need to use another system just to see how much is going to your bank account.

And of course, do it all at the industry’s lowest credit card rate.

Reliable & Secure

Running on robust, carefully monitored servers.

FareHarbor runs on the same infrastructure trusted by Netflix, Airbnb, Lyft, Comcast, and millions of others. We have engineers on call 24/7 and are alerted immediately if anything needs attention.

Milliseconds after you make a new booking, charge a card, or make any other action your data is already backed up and stored in a second location.

Digital Waivers

Move your liability waivers into the digital age.

Your booking system, customer communications, and business are all instantly searchable and backed up online. Why shouldn’t your waivers be too?

Powered by our friends at Smartwaiver and integrated into the Dashboard.

Price Sheets

Custom pricing, visibility, and option structures.

Introducing Price Sheets: a powerful way to manage the booking options available for your customers.

With our advanced pricing tools, you can offer different rates for online and direct customers, set up invoice pricing with affiliates, and choose what options to show your back-office employees.

Price Sheets were built with complex partner relationships in mind, so FareHarbor can bring your existing affiliate and invoicing contracts online — no matter how they are structured.

Ticketing & Check-In

A professional check-in process for you and your customers.

Print receipts and theater-style Boca tickets straight from your Dashboard, or let customers present their tickets on their phone.

Don’t let the check-in process slow you down: we have several different check-in methods to suit your style, including the option to scan QR codes with any mobile device.

Mobile Ready

All the same features on desktop and mobile.

Manage your business from anywhere: access the Dashboard using your mobile browser or our app for iOS. The app even has some extra tricks up its sleeve, like stored login details and lightning-quick QR code scanning.

Affiliate & Reseller Tracking

Everything you need to track and get paid for partner bookings.

Whether you call them affiliates, agencies, resellers, or partners, FareHarbor has everything you need to manage your relationships with third parties.

Make or collect reseller bookings, manage invoicing, and connect with our global partner network, all from one central place.

PLUS We’ll set up your agents so they can see live availability and create bookings directly inside your Dashboard. It’s free and easy for them, and saves time for you.

Shared Resources

Advanced capacity control and resource allocation.

Keep track of equipment and crew directly from your Dashboard. Whether it’s ATVs, tour guides, or water skis, FareHarbor offers complete resource management for any type of activity.

With smart features like auto-closing listings based on resource capacity, you’ll never have to worry about overbooking again.

Email & SMS

Seamless communication for everyone involved.

Keep your customers in the loop with email and text confirmations, canned messages, and personalized notes. Automated reminders and follow-ups give you one less thing to worry about.

And with our variety of user notification options, you can keep your staff updated, too. Get an email when a new booking is made, receive a daily manifest, remind crew of upcoming tours, and more.

Hi there! This is a reminder that you are booked for a sightseeing cruise this afternoon.

User Management

Keep an eye on your users without micro-managing.

Control what your Dashboard users can see and do using detailed permission levels. For example, give full access to your managers while restricting the details that regular staff members can see. Our advanced permission tools keep your data safe and let your users focus on what’s important to them.

PLUS Automatic audit logs for every change made, so you can track who did what, when.

Coupons & Gift Cards

Sweeten the deal with coupon codes and digital gift cards.

Import your codes from Groupon, LivingSocial, or other discount sites. Or, let your customers buy digital gift cards and gift certificates.

Help & Support

Get help when you need it.

Our Support team is here for you 24/7. Plus, we have an ever-growing online help center full of resources to help you learn at your own pace.

Look for the question mark icon in the Dashboard: it’ll take you right to a dedicated help page.

No challenge is too big.

If you have a need, odds are FareHarbor can handle it. If you have any questions about something not mentioned here, feel free to get in touch.