Keyboard shortcuts

FareHarbor has many keyboard shortcuts you can use to quickly navigate the site. To see if a button has a shortcut, hold your pointer over it for a few seconds. Tip: Try it with the close button of this window.

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Jump to company Shift + j
Stop current action Esc
Go to previous month/day
Go to next month/day
Go to current month/day
Start searching /
Bookings section shift + b
Manifest section shift + m
Reports section shift + r
Items section shift + i
Settings section shift + e
Create new booking (if viewing an availability) shift + n
Working with bookings
Add or remove customers shift + m
Start rebooking shift + r
Cancel booking shift + x
Add payment shift + +
Refund shift + -
Save card to charge later shift + s
Send email shift + e
Print receipt shift + p
Creating bookings
Add corresponding type of customer to booking 1 through 9
Remove last customer shift + Backspace
Allow booking without CVC shift + Alt + c
Create booking (form must be valid) shift + Enter
Show/hide customer information c

Booking #[! rebook.currentBooking.pk !] will be cancelled and its payments will be moved to the new booking you create.

Creating a new booking for:

  • [! plusbook.currentContact.name !]
  • [! plusbook.currentContact.phone !]
  • [! plusbook.currentContact.email !]

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  • Only authorized users can send email notifications
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No active bookings with email addresses on file No active bookings
  • Time & Capacity
  • Display Options
  • Advanced

[! editableAvailability.startAt|date:'long' !]

Ends [[ endTime|datetime:'relative' ]] next day [[ days ]] days later

Total capacity

Number of people (seats) that can book

Public headline

Shown to everyone, next to the availability time

Private headline

Only shown to people in your company
    • This field is required.
    • Select a valid choice. That choice is not one of the available choices.
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    • This field is required.
    • Select a valid choice. That choice is not one of the available choices.
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    Which resources need to be available before bookings can be created
    • This field is required.
    • Select a valid choice. That choice is not one of the available choices.
      • [[ error ]]
    The schedule of pickup stops that should be used for this availability
  • Delete availability
      • [[ error ]]
    Delete this availability
    All bookings must be rebooked or cancelled first
    Learn about deleting availabilities
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Available customer types:

(ID: [! customerTypeRate.customerPrototype.customerType.pk !])

    • [[ error ]]

( Max: [! customerTypeRate.capacity !])

Add customer type
  • This field is required.
  • Select a valid choice. That choice is not one of the available choices.
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    • [[ error ]]
All available options have been added to this availability.

This availability uses its item's prices and visibility.

You can change the prices just for this availability, but you might want to edit the item instead.

The ID for this availability is: [[ availability.pk ]]

Link directly to this availability

Copy the code below and paste it onto your page. The resulting button will take your visitors to a new booking for this availability.

Optionally edit the button's label.

Additional requirements

Lightframe API required

Once per page: Copy the code below and paste it right above your page's closing </body> tag. This is required for the Lightframe booking overlay to function. Learn more ›

WordPress plugin required

To use this shortcode, you must have version 3.0.1 or higher of the free FareHarbor WordPress plugin installed on your site. Learn more ›

Extra options

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Custom calendars