New Reports + Mobile Updates


We were excited to release the first round of some report updates this week. The new summary reports give you an overview of bookings, custom fields, and customer types by a variety of options.

You’ll also notice the layout of the reports section has changed to be more like other parts of the site. Don’t worry, all the old reports are still there; use the Reports type dropdown in the upper left of the screen to see the full list. As you switch between the various types of reports you’ll see filters and options specific to each type.

The new reports can be run based either on when bookings were created or when the activity (availability) happened. For instance, you could see how many bookings your employees made last month, or how many customers you took out on all of last week’s activities.


We also launched some updates to the mobile version of the site that makes it easier and quicker to use. (The reports work better on mobile now, too.) Just log in on your phone to check it out.