Faces of FareHarbor: Raleigh

Raleigh Caruso: Customer Experience Team

Raleigh Caruso

This is Raleigh. He works with the Customer Experience team, ensuring that all our clients stay stoked. From Connecticut originally, he’s been a transplant in Vermont, California, and finally Colorado. Fresh tracks and cameras are two things that make him happy.

What do you love to be doing when you’re not at work? Snowboarding, photography, videography, and video editing – ideally a combination of all three.

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken? A trip to Ireland with two of my closest friends from back home. We wandered from Dublin all the way out to the County of Kerry on the west coast. It was just a great time with great people. On a side note, we had to use our phones to coordinate activities. Sure, that was 2008, but having FareHarbor would have been great!

Describe your perfect pizza. Big, cheesy, and NY style! Pepperoni is a classic and a favorite.

What makes FareHarbor different from any other company you’ve worked at? The incredible people, the positive atmosphere, and the ability to see the difference you are making. Everybody at FareHarbor is important and contributes in a meaningful way.

What’s your favorite FareHarbor stoke story? Really, just hooking any of these companies up. From getting a local business pumped to grow their online business, to making a big company’s life easier with our software. Getting off of a training and hearing the excitement in a client’s voice is one of the things that makes this job great. My top experience was in Key West when we were getting Fury trained. It was awesome seeing the look of excitement on the faces of different call center employees – and all the oohs-and-ahhs.

Describe your job at FareHarbor in three words. Pure awesome.