5 FareHarbor Custom Calendars to Support Every Member of Your Business

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One of the things we hear most from tour operators about the FareHarbor Dashboard is how customizable it is – especially when it comes to your bookings calendar.

FareHarbor’s intuitive Dashboard features various views, filters, and display options that let you take control of your bookings and display them as a custom calendar

Not only can you save and toggle between multiple calendars, but there’s no limit to how you can arrange bookings and other calendar essentials to meet your business needs.

Whether you’re already a FareHarbor client or you’re thinking about coming aboard, get inspired by these five ideas for custom calendars that will best serve your team. 

1. Custom Calendar for Reservationists

If you’re the person who primarily takes bookings for your tour or activity business, you’ll love this custom calendar. 

Configure your calendar to see an overview of every booking and open availability on a single-day or hourly basis. There’s also the option to “zoom out” and view open slots over a wider range of dates. 

Whether you’re making a booking over the phone or looking for an opening to squeeze in a last-minute, walk-up customer, our Dashboard experts will help you build the ideal calendar to fit your specific business needs.

2. Custom Calendar for Multi-Location Businesses

Reviewing booking information for multiple locations can be confusing. We recommend creating a custom calendar for each location where your business operates to enjoy a more streamlined experience. 

This feature offers quick information at a glance, allowing you to view open availabilities or compare bookings between the different locations. And, if your team gets an inquiry about availability at a given location, you can switch to the corresponding custom calendar to best assist them. 

This type of custom calendar is also great for businesses that share resources, like equipment or tour guides, between storefronts. 

3. Custom Calendar for Individual Guides & Employees

Do you have multiple tour guides or employees who need an easy way to view their schedule? Give them each a custom calendar so they only see the tours and activities assigned to them.

Not only will this offer a more streamlined experience, but it also allows your tour guides to stay organized and save time since they’re able to view everything they need to know about their daily schedule with one click.

Plus, the FareHarbor Dashboard lets you save each person’s custom calendar as their default calendar so it’s automatically accessible from the moment they log in. 

4. Custom Calendar for Equipment Rentals & Inventory

Need to get a quick visual on your available resources? Create a custom calendar that gives you a snapshot of what equipment is booked and on hand throughout the day.

This calendar is great for businesses that get frequent walk-up customers and last-minute bookings.

5. Custom Calendar for Gift Cards

Create a calendar with only gift cards to track how many have been sold or redeemed. Filter by item and select your gift cards for a simplified calendar that tracks a flat number of bookings. 

Whether you’re trying to improve your tour guides’ Dashboard experience or be able to navigate your bookings faster, you can do it with FareHarbor’s custom calendars.

For detailed instructions on creating custom calendars, view this guide on FareHarbor Compass or sign up for a live demo to see how FareHarbor can work for you.

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