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5 Tips to Survive the Busy Season for Tour, Activity, & Attraction Operators

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As our friends in the southern hemisphere may be finding some room to breathe as they head into winter, tours and activities are starting to ramp up in the northern hemisphere for the summer season. Wherever you are, take these tips, apply them now, or save them for later and make your peak season the best yet. 

1. Break your summer into monthly goals – Define your goals and chunk your time, as well as your team’s. Mentally prepare everyone for the long days. There are so many moving pieces to your business that finding a balance between productivity and the sales process is key. If you solidify expectations and share the purpose of your goals in a way that is realistic and attainable for both you and your team, they are more likely to jump on board with you. And if all else fails, coffee, coffee, coffee.

2. Lean on your FareHarbor support system – Our team is dedicated to helping make your business run smoothly. Day or night, our customer care experts stand on the front lines ready to resolve any disruption to your business objectives. Life is beautifully unpredictable; things come up, things go wrong, but our crew of attentive problem-solvers are ready to navigate your most complex situations. Rest assured, you and your customers are in the best hands. Don’t be a stranger!

3. Automate your administrative tasks – It never hurts to improve your productivity and streamline workflow. Carve out some time to review and update your current processes, then identify any areas where you can automate. You may find tasks that used to take five manual steps that can now run seamlessly in the background. Our partnerships and integrations team can also help you tap into FareHarbor’s long list of network partners as a way to get some time back so your day can be more productive.  

4. Lean on your customers – When people are visiting your website, booking tours, and sharing your business with their friends, ask for their emails, contact information, and anything else that could be useful for your business. Gathering this information will get your business set up for success when things start to calm down heading into the low season. You can then implement email campaigns, surveys, and promotions to customers during the low season and turn them into repeat customers. 

Another way to utilize your customers is by taking advantage of user-generated content (UGC). UGC is a sure way to not only promote your business and get a few good testimonials in the process, but also take some of the content creation off of your plate. There is no higher form of flattery in the 21st century than when you see photos or videos of your tour or activity generating some buzz on social media.   

5. Don’t forget to recharge – Avoid burnout at all costs. As much as you are up to your knees navigating your way through peak season, spending every minute crunching numbers at your desk will work against you in the long run. Before you find yourself less focused and less efficient, schedule some time to re-energize by doing something you love that takes your mind off work. Go to the gym, have a relaxed meal, take a power nap, or even a long walk. There are no rules here. Any activity that eases your mind momentarily will ultimately increase your productivity.


Create the best experience for you, your team, and ultimately your customers by following these tips, and go crush your peak season!

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