Fresh Features

Introducing the Lightframe


We’re really excited to announce something we’ve been calling the lightframe. Lightframe allows your customers to choose a date, pay securely, and get confirmation of their booking all without leaving your website.

Check out North Shore Catamaran’s site to see how it works. We’ve seen that giving customers quick access to making a purchase and a feeling of familiarity and security can increase conversion rates.

It’s easy to turn your existing calendar embeds into lightframes. (Just add ?lightframe=yes to the end of your script tags.)


Friday Features: Crew + Online Booking Control

It’s that time again. Here are a couple of the things that are new around FareHarbor, and some photos of our team goofing off.


Last week we added the ability to add your crew and staff to availabilities. This makes it easy to keep track of who is doing what, add notes, and even filter the calendar to only show trips with certain people on them.

Use the new “Crew” dropdown on availabilities to add people. Crew are shown on the Dashboard calendar and manifest.


We also made it easier to see and manage when things are bookable by online customers. The new menu lets you override the cutoff times to leave online booking open longer, and change a time to show Call to Book without editing capacity.

  • Auto close automatically makes things unavailable when there are no seats left, or when your specific cutoff time to close online booking is reached. (Cutoff times can be different for every activity, and are managed in Items > Settings > General.)
  • Open still automatically closes online booking when all seats are full, but lets you take online bookings up until the start time. This may be useful if your activity is already going out and you want to let customers fill up the remaining seats.
  • Closed & Call to book closes online booking, but leaves the availability in the online calendar marked as “call to book.”
  • Closed & hidden closes online booking, and hides the availability from your online calendar.

We’ve been really enjoying our team house on Wailupe Circle. (We’d love to have you over some time to barbecue or surf.) Here are a few photos of our team jumping off our dock:




New Reports + Mobile Updates


We were excited to release the first round of some report updates this week. The new summary reports give you an overview of bookings, custom fields, and customer types by a variety of options.

You’ll also notice the layout of the reports section has changed to be more like other parts of the site. Don’t worry, all the old reports are still there; use the Reports type dropdown in the upper left of the screen to see the full list. As you switch between the various types of reports you’ll see filters and options specific to each type.

The new reports can be run based either on when bookings were created or when the activity (availability) happened. For instance, you could see how many bookings your employees made last month, or how many customers you took out on all of last week’s activities.


We also launched some updates to the mobile version of the site that makes it easier and quicker to use. (The reports work better on mobile now, too.) Just log in on your phone to check it out.