FareHarbor App: Run Your Business from the Palm of Your Hand

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The FareHarbor mobile app has dozens of features that allow you to view and control everyday business functions right from your phone. The FareHarbor Product team regularly releases new and improved mobile app features for both Android and iOS, all designed to help save you time and energy.

Read on to discover our newest mobile app updates along with a few old favorites that can make your life easier this season. 

Our most recent updates

Offline QR code scanning 

Offline QR scanning is now on the iOS app! Whether your business is in a remote location or you occasionally lose connectivity, this update will allow you to scan QR codes to check guests in without being connected to the internet. Then, once you are back online, all check-in information will sync up in your Dashboard.

This update will be available to Android app users at a later date. 


Our Android app users now have access to biometric authentication (fancy speak for physical identification like face scanning or voice recognition). On the Android app though, we’ve added the most common method, fingerprint scanning. You now have a simple, secure way to open your FareHarbor app with a simple touch of  — you guessed it — your finger. Your company’s security is an utmost priority, and using biometric authentication is an easy step you can take towards greater protection. 

Note that this is already available on iOS with Face ID and Touch ID. 

What’s coming soon

You asked, and we listened. Here is an update you can expect to see in the mobile app very soon!

Boca ticket printing

Boca printing will also be available soon for the Android app. This update will let you print theater-style tickets with a portable, bluetooth printer. This is another way to allow admittance to your tours or activities. Tickets use direct thermal technology so no ink is needed for these printers and they can be printed in different shapes and sizes that work best for your business. 

Some of our favorite mobile features

Add even more efficiency to your day-to-day with the following features, available on both iOS and Android.

Push notifications

Stay on top of important business updates by activating mobile push notifications. Customize which notifications are sent and to which team member. For example, choose to get a notification every time a new booking is made or alert crew members when they are added to an availability. 

Built-in QR code scanning

Simplify your check-in process by scanning QR ticket codes right from your phone. Simply enable QR scanning from your settings and start scanning within seconds!

Bluetooth-connected card readers

All FareHarbor approved card readers offer low processing rates with no additional transaction costs for you or your customers. They also provide the added benefit of being a portable payment solution. Supported Bluetooth readers connect to FareHarbor through our Android and iOS app. If you take walk-up bookings or have add-ons customers can purchase during their experience, a wireless card reader can help you quickly take those payments.

Find out which readers are available in your country 

We’re excited to share the mobile updates coming soon to our Android and iOS app — and we hope you are using our current features as well! If you have any questions setting up the mobile features above, please reach out to our Support team.

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