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FareHarbor Expands Global Reach to Hong Kong and Singapore

Our FareHarbor Ohana has grown exponentially since launching in Hawaii in 2013. From our expansion into Canada and Australia in 2017, then Europe in 2018, we have made great strides in developing our international presence.

Our commitment to bringing tour, activity, and attraction operators the best-in-class services has fueled our globalization efforts.

Now, less than one year later, we are excited to announce continued expansion into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region and bring our services into Hong Kong and Singapore, providing region-specific bank accounts, currencies, and strategic partnerships.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement of key strategic partnerships in the Hong Kong and Singapore areas, and browse some of our current global connectivity partners here: Hong Kong Partnerships / Singapore Partnerships 

APAC growth has been fueled by its flourishing economy and global appeal. As we aim to accommodate this key hub for innovation and hyper-growth, our goal is simple: help tour operators capitalize on the growing economy and partner in the noticeable shift toward more accessible travel experiences.

Being able to support clients in Hong Kong and Singapore marks the beginning of an important chapter in the evolution of FareHarbor. As we lean into the region, we’ll focus on putting the right people, product offerings, and partnerships in place to help power the Asian-Pacific tour and activity market. By entering emerging markets and introducing Hong Kong and Singapore to the product, FareHarbor will offer high-level support that alleviates day-to-day operational challenges, allowing tour, activity, and attraction owners to focus on their own growth.

While continued expansion has always been central to our values, FareHarbor proudly remains the top industry partner that 10,000+ companies have already come to know and love, committed to providing world-class support, a team to help you grow, and a software that helps you stay focused on your business no matter where you are in the world. As always, thank you for choosing to grow with us!

To find out more on how to get started, please contact our team: https://fareharbor.com/demo/

Hong Kong Support: +852 3001 3611

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