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Inside the Minds of FareHarbor Leadership: Client Engagement and Marketing

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Meet Maddie Amberg

Welcome to our newest interview series, Inside the Minds of FareHarbor Leadership. This time, you get to find out more about Maddie Amberg, FareHarbor’s Client Engagement and Marketing Director. 

In this series, you’ll hear directly from members of the FareHarbor leadership team about their journey within the company, some personal anecdotes, and their favorite FareHarbor features and experiences!  

When did you start at FareHarbor and how have you progressed since the beginning of your career at the company?

I joined FareHarbor in August 2017 (five years ago!) as the Manager of FareHarbor Sites. After FareHarbor was acquired by Booking Holdings in 2018, I began working on Client Engagement and Marketing (CEMKTG) initiatives and transitioned to the team full time in 2022. 

What is your favorite part of your position at FareHarbor? Why have you stayed at the company for many years?

My favorite part of working at FareHarbor is seeing the impact we have on our clients’ lives. So many of our clients have built their businesses based on their passions. When they join FareHarbor and are able to streamline their operations, it means they can spend more time doing what they love – whether that is running their fishing charter, growing their business, or spending time with family. 

How does your role and your team support the 19,000+ FareHarbor clients?

The CEMKTG team is responsible for ensuring our clients are aware of how FareHarbor can help them save time, save money, and grow their business. We do this in a variety of ways, but one of my favorite is through Compass. Compass is a resource for FareHarbor clients where they can find business-boosting resources customized to our industry. We cover everything from how to perform keyword research to pre-busy season Dashboard and marketing checklists. This wealth of information is a great example of how my team directly helps our clients grow their businesses. 

What does a typical day look like in your position? 

The Client Engagement and Marketing team is always juggling multiple projects so no day ever looks the same! I might be working with the Product team planning how we will promote a new feature, reviewing client quotes for spotlight social posts, or brainstorming with the full CEMKTG team on our FareHarbor culture content plan for the next quarter. 

I do try to take an intentional approach to how I structure my days and weeks. I do my best work in the morning, so I am very conscious about what meetings get scheduled before noon. I also follow “No Meeting Fridays” as much as possible. This allows me to wrap up projects from the week and set myself up for a productive Monday morning. That means my weekends are fully dedicated to spending time with my husband, daughter, and dog, while enjoying all that Denver and Colorado have to offer! 

Do you have a specific client story that showcases how the FareHarbor product can help tour and activity operators?

What immediately comes to mind is every client I have had the privilege of talking to at Spark. The CEMKTG team is responsible for putting on our yearly user conference, Spark – which is happening October 10th in Las Vegas this year! Hearing directly from clients about how FareHarbor has impacted their businesses, ideas they have to improve our product or services, and the goals they have for their businesses inspires me. 

What FareHarbor program or resource do you think is the most valuable to our clients? 

The FareHarbor Distribution Network! This is a program that lets our clients resell other tours and activities, have their offerings resold, or do both. This allows each client to decide what is the best option for their business — and make more revenue along the way.

What can you say to someone thinking of jump starting their career at FareHarbor? Any advice on how to get into a SaaS career?

FareHarbor is a great place to get your foot in the door at a SAAS company. We have a lot of roles where the hard skills you need are unique to our software and we can teach you what you need to know, but the soft skills you bring to the table are what make you a great fit.

What is your bucket list activity? 

My bucket list has grown since joining FareHarbor and learning about companies I never knew existed. But if I can only choose one my adventurous spirit wants to go shark diving with One Ocean Diving in Hawaii! 

We hope you enjoyed the first Inside the Minds of FareHarbor Leadership — stay tuned for more interviews in the coming months! 


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