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Joining FareHarbor: You’ll Feel Like a Part of the O’Hana from Day One

Learn about all the ways FareHarbor sets each new employee up for success in their new role.

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At FareHarbor, we want you to feel valued the moment you begin — and every day moving forward. We’ve already shared how we prepare each new team member for their role, but we wanted to divulge some of the fun stuff too. 

We want you to feel like you’re part of the team — we call it our O’Hana— as soon as you accept your new position. Read on for a few of the ways we work hard to make that happen.

Looking for a new opportunity? Head on over to our jobs page to see current openings across all teams and global offices! 

Mentor Program

During our new employee training program, you will be assigned a mentor.

While you learn one-on-one with a seasoned member of the O’Hana, you can ask role-specific questions, hear about team culture, and make a new friend. This is your opportunity to really find out what it is like to work at FareHarbor as well as get an inside look at what your new position will entail. 

A Bag of SWAG

Is it really a new job if you don’t get a bunch of branded goodies? On your first day of training, you will get a bag of goodies that includes items such as a FareHarbor t-shirt,  festive leis, a special new gift for each hiring class — and of course your brand new MacBook Pro.  

From day one, you have the tools to embrace the FareHarbor culture and get excited about your new position and organization. 

Set Up For Success in Your Home Office

Perhaps more importantly, we also want to ensure you have all of the tech and gadgets you need to have a comfortable home office. 

You also have the unique opportunity to order a free ergonomic desk (that can be turned into a standing desk!) and office chair that will be shipped straight to your front door. 

Additionally, for the time we are navigating a work-from-home/hybrid model, we are offering a monthly stipend to cover added expenses. 

Quick Tip: We understand that some people prefer working in-office, others prefer working remotely, or a mix of the two! We offer a hybrid work environment, and though there can be some variance depending on your team, we strive to offer as much flexibility as possible. 

A Chance to Meet the Team — and Share a Fun Fact

All employees are invited each month to their regional Aloha Friday — an office-wide event. 

Although, as a new employee, you are expected to introduce yourself, say where you’re from, and offer a fun fact! This opens the door for current team members to reach out and say hello. It’s a great way to meet people from other teams you may not come in contact with otherwise. 

Your fun fact can be a famous celebrity you met, an interesting hobby you do, an intriguing place you visited — whatever you want!

Happy Hour to Celebrate 

At the end of your FareHarbor training program, we will host a happy hour that is open to all employees. Have a few snacks and beverages and get to know your training class as well as other FareHarbor employees. 

The happy hour is a chance to get to know the O’Hana in a more relaxed setting — and a way for you to truly experience the culture!

We’re looking ahead to 2023 and are excited to be adding new team members and positions. Keep an eye on our job board to stay up to date on our new vacancies

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