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We Are One O’Hana: FareHarbor is Proud to Support Employees with New Global Benefits

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FareHarbor is thrilled to announce that we have expanded and added a handful of employee benefits for all employees globally. We are devoted to giving each of our employees the tools, resources, and benefits they need to support themselves as well as their families. 

Across countries and offices, we want each and every employee to have the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones for any major event. Below you will find details of four major benefits that are included!

22 Weeks Paid Parental Leave

Having quality, undivided time to spend with your child is vital for both you and your new family member. This is why FareHarbor employees will now get 22 weeks (or 110 working days) of fully paid parental leave when they become a parent.

This benefit applies to employees of all genders as well as both birthing and non-birthing parents.

2 Weeks Paid Grandparent Leave

Welcoming a grandchild into your family is an exciting time — no matter if it is your first or you have a brood of grand-babies! At FareHarbor, you are now able to take two full weeks (or 10 working days) of paid leave when you become a grandparent.

Expanded Bereavement and Family Care Leave

Major unexpected life events will often require you to be away from work. We’ve expanded our bereavement and family care leave for those who need it. 


It’s never easy to lose a loved one. FareHarbor employees can now take between five and 20 days of leave when they experience the loss of a family member. 

Family Care

When responsibilities come up that involve your child or dependent, you may need time off of work. Employees can take up to 10 days of fully paid family care leave per year to ensure they have time to look after their children. 

From a great work-life balance to competitive health and retirement plans, we want every employee to feel supported through all stages of their lives. These extended global benefits are just one way we show the FareHarbor O’Hana that we care! 

Although we strive to be consistent globally, there may be some variations from country to country to reflect local rules and practice. For example, if employees are already entitled to the same amount or longer leaves in their country, local laws will prevail.

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