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Your Customers Can Now Pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay — Here’s What You Need to Know

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More payment options means more bookings and revenue. And that is why we are thrilled to announce that your customers can now use the popular digital wallet payment options, Apple Pay and Google Pay, when booking online.  This update will bring your customers more payment flexibility and a seamless checkout experience.

A long and complicated checkout process is the reason behind 18% of users abandoning their cart during checkout (Shopify). 

Read on to discover the benefits of offering digital wallet payment options, how it works, and how to unlock valuable insights with FareHarbor’s reporting tools. 

Why is offering Apple Pay and Google Pay important?

As a FareHarbor client, you know that we love to introduce features that simplify your conversion flow and checkout process so you never lose out on bookings. Data shows that digital wallet payment options increase online conversions because they provide a quick, easy way for your customers to pay online. 

Additionally, digital wallet options are one of the most secure and safe methods for payment. Your customers’ information is encoded for each transaction so you (and they!) can be worry free. 

Our Product team is committed to adding more payment methods to meet your customers’ needs. We know that payment options and preferences vary across the world and we want to support your customers no matter where you are located.

Quick tip: Apple Pay and Google Pay are already available for in-person payments onFareHarbor approved card readers!

How it works

This feature requires no setup on your end and is already enabled in your Dashboard.

However, it is important to note that the payment options that will appear for each customer depends on their internet browser, which type of device they are using, and if they have Apple Pay or Google Pay set up. Click here to learn more.

FareHarbor Payment Reporting

As your customers begin paying with Apple Pay and Google Pay, it’s important to see how often they are being used in comparison to other payment options. You can do this with FareHarbor’s built-in reporting. 

To gather insights on the payment methods your customers use while booking online:

  1. Run the Sales reports in your FareHarbor Dashboard 
  2. Use the “Credit Card Type” filter to see a breakdown of payment methods 

We also have another report coming soon that will allow you to see the breakdown of credit card types used for each digital wallet payment.

Our Product team strives to always bring you the features and updates that will streamline your business and get you more bookings. To learn more about Apple Pay and Google Pay (along with everything else FareHarbor has to offer), head over to our Help Center!

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