Security Engineer and Data Protection Officer (Amsterdam, NL)

Full time, on-site security engineer

FareHarbor, a Company, is looking for a security engineer to join our Infrastructure team, on-location in our office in Amsterdam. We’re a quickly growing company with a robust product that tens of thousands of people use to run their businesses every day. (Here’s a little more about our Product team, here’s a recent article about FareHarbor in Hawaii Business Magazine.)

You will be in charge of all aspects of security and data protection at FareHarbor — implementing best practices, ensuring compliance, and keeping all of our customers’ data safe as we continue to grow.

What you’ll do

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FareHarbor is in the outdoor activities space for a good reason — many of us absolutely love getting out there! Whether you love the beach, chase storms in the mountains, ride bikes through the headlands, or otherwise value time spent enjoying the outdoors, you’ll fit right in.

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