Savannah Taste Experience Food Tours

Founded in 2012 by brothers Donald and Stu Card, Savannah Taste Experience Food Tours offers walking and tasting tours through the gardens and historic landmarks of Savannah, Georgia.

Before joining FareHarbor, Savannah Taste Experience faced several challenges in finding an online reservation system that fit their business. They tried several different solutions, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Their first software had useful features, but lacked a post-sale relationship.

“They weren’t there when it came time to increase sales. Although they were benefiting from a straight percentage commission, they didn’t want to assist in creating that growth.”

Donald and Stu experienced a similar problem with the second software they tried. Despite being a popular booking solution in the food tour industry, they were again disappointed when the level of service didn’t match the high price tag. What Savannah Taste wanted was a reservation system that focused on the growth and continued success of their company, rather than a relationship that ended after their acquisition. On the brink of giving up altogether, Savannah Taste found FareHarbor.

“We were blown away, not only by the product and the pricing but also how candid, honest and helpful the team was.”

Within the first month of switching to FareHarbor, Savannah Taste Experience saw a 4% increase in conversion rates. The difference was FareHarbor’s dedication to going beyond the call of software, offering all the basic features – online booking, live availability, credit card processing – as well as marketing, conversion and website optimization services.

FareHarbor takes an active role in each client’s web presence, making sure everything from the ‘Book Now’ button to the homepage layout is optimized to get more bookings than ever before.

“They don’t just sit back and benefit off of our increase in sales, they help generate the increase in sales.”

Customer success is at the core of FareHarbor’s business model. As with Savannah Taste Experience, every new FareHarbor client has their site carefully analyzed for opportunities to improve anything from SEO to conversion optimization. Experts fine-tune each client’s online presence, offering personalized advice on Analytics, AdRoll, AdWords and beyond. Every step of the way, the goal is sustained growth and increased bookings.

“Whenever I have a question about my online presence, FareHarbor is the first call I make. I couldn’t imagine running my business without the backing of the FareHarbor team.”