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Keyboard shortcuts

FareHarbor has many keyboard shortcuts you can use to quickly navigate the site. To see if a button has a shortcut, hold your pointer over it for a few seconds. Tip: Try it with the close button of this window.

Show/hide this screen ?
Jump to company Shift + j
Stop current action Esc
Go to previous month/day
Go to next month/day
Go to current month/day
Start searching /
Bookings section shift + b
Manifest section shift + m
Reports section shift + r
Items section shift + i
Settings section shift + e
Advanced settings Shift + ,
Create new booking (if viewing an availability) shift + n
Working with bookings
Add or remove customers shift + m
Start rebooking shift + r
Cancel booking shift + x
Add payment shift + +
Refund shift + -
Save card to charge later shift + s
Send email shift + e
Print receipt shift + p
Creating bookings
Add corresponding type of customer to booking 1 through 9
Remove last customer shift + Backspace
Allow booking without CVC shift + Alt + c
Create booking (form must be valid) shift + Enter
Show/hide customer information c