Powering over $1 billion of the tourism and activities industry in 2016.

Founded in Hawaii in 2013, FareHarbor creates powerful tools that help tour and activity operators run their business with ease and efficiency. With over 2,700 clients and $1 billion in revenue in 2016, we’re the fastest-growing software company in the business.

Get to know us

A team with the Aloha Spirit

We know how to work hard and play hard. The experienced professionals in our ranks include the godfather of kiteboarding, a former Olympic athlete, and over 100 avid adventurers. We can’t wait to get to know you.

Bora Yavuz

Repping Istanbul, Turkey, Bora is a ruthless problem solver. As a graduate of Boston University's Questrom School of Business, he is passionate about challenging the status quo. He has a dog named Mila, and is a competitive foosball player.

Ted Clements

Ted has studied rocks from all around the world. From Tasmania to Costa Rica, he's put his Geology degree from Hamilton College to good use. His second love is his vegetable garden, his third, the soccer field.

Mitch Revare

Mitch joined FareHarbor after studying Psychology and French at the University of Colorado Boulder. He's seriously into Kansas City, with a love for the Royals, the Chiefs and the BBQ. He's known for his silky smooth phone voice.

Joey Hodara

A software engineer from Upcountry, Maui, Joey now resides on the western edge of San Francisco. He endures city life by feasting on dim sum and ocean beach barrels as frequently as possible.

Hannah Leigh

Before joining FareHarbor in our San Francisco office, Hannah was studying to become a nurse. She loves kicking it with friends and family, rainy days, coffee and jigsaw puzzles. She's very liberal with her facial expressions.

Elena Cuomo

A California native, Elena recently graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in Geography and Marketing. Elena loves watching lacrosse, doing pilates, and will drop almost everything for a Red Rocks show.

Linnea Hattery

Linnea studied Geoscience at Hamilton College before joining our Denver team. She loves sailing, kayaking, skiing and traveling to epic new places. She's a true expert at finding the best Asian food in any city she visits.

Chris Richards

Before FareHarbor, Chris studied Biology at Boston College. He loves to travel, especially in Central and South America. Chris is also a World Champion Percussionist with a special affinity for the marimba, a 7ft. long xylophone.

Bryan Knauber

Our Head of Product, Bryan, started making websites and designing things in middle school and hasn't stopped since. He studied Design Management at Ai Minnesota. He's a big fan of taking photos, exploring cities, french fries, and puns.

David Rex

Born and raised in Hawaii, David had a brief hiatus on the mainland where he studied Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Philosophy. Despite being an expert sailor, his greatest talent is finding really tasty places to eat.

Hanne Nagatani

Hanne studied Travel Industry Management at the University of Hawai'i Manoa before FareHarbor quite literally started on her couch. When she's not being our jill-of-all-trades, she's shredding on a SUP, bodysurfing or island hopping.

Tim Lathrop

Tim studied at Curry College, where he played on the university baseball team for four years. He's an outdoorsman, with a love for fresh air, peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly, seriously) and 90's Nickelodeon cartoons.

Bob Safrit

Before FareHarbor, Bob worked as a kiting instructor, and ran eco-kayak tours in the USVI. He loves all board sports, whether it's surfing, kiting or snowboarding. He's a big fan of cold beer, and Krispy Kreme's "Hot Now" sign.

Garrett Hiscano

Garrett is a Hamilton College alumni. Before joining FareHarbor, he worked as a broker's assistant. He loves skiing, traveling and hiking, and lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for a few months where he had the best of all three.

Charles Harmon

Before FareHarbor, Charles worked as a freelance writer and editor. He loves getting lost in the woods, taking time to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. Reading, writing and learning also top the list.

Max Valverde

Our CCO, Max, earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering at Brown University. Before FareHarbor, Max was featured on Shark Tank for an ingenious product. He loves mountain biking, being with his family, and foraging for wild mushrooms.

Becca Podesta

Before FareHarbor, Becca worked as a freelance writer in the travel industry. She likes eating and growing vegetables, snuggling puppies and dreaming about South America. She prefers camping to sleeping indoors, and loves to forage.

Jeremy Trombetta

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Jeremy graduated from Hamilton College in 2015 where he studied political science and Chinese. He loves going on road trips to explore new places and one of his many life goals is to learn how to base jump.

Jess Pashos

Before FareHarbor, Jess worked for a non-profit called Team IMPACT. She a true Bostonian, born and raised. Her favorite season is Autumn, when she can run in the rain, pick apples and admire the foliage.

Chris Marshall

Chris is from the land of 10,000 lakes. When he's not behind a computer screen "ripping" you can find him at a Red Rocks concert, skiing, or dog sitting for a friend. He attended Middlebury College, where he won a national rugby championship.

Adam Hundley

Adam came fresh from Turing School of Software & Design. Before becoming a developer he held job titles of “genius” and “professional musician.” He enjoys living life to the fullest with his wife Alli and bringing his dog Leo to work a few days a week.

Tony DiLello

Originally from Winnetka, IL, Tony has lived in the Denver area for years. When he's not at the office, he enjoys golfing, cooking, skiing, house painting and spending quality time in the steam room. His favorite foods are pizza and pasta, obviously.

Eric Spaller

Eric earned a BS in Business Management from Oregon State before joining FareHarbor. He loves the outdoors in any form, but the Rocky Mountains and the beaches of Maui are his favorite spots. He's a go-getter who values hard work.

Bryce Weatherford

Bryce is a Colorado local with a serious love for the Rocky Mountains. So much so, that he could write a book on all the best kept mountain secrets. He's into snowboarding, fly fishing, backpacking and camping, always with his wife and son.

Paris Picard

Paris studied Global Studies and French at St. Edward’s University, and worked in HR and Recruiting before joining FareHarbor. She runs off caffeine, and loves scuba and sushi. Some life highlights include skydiving in Germany and swimming with sharks in Belize.

John Brizdle

After moving to Hawaii in 1970, John lead the development of the first Web Calendar of Events for the Hawaii Visitors Bureau and worked in an early SAAS company developing reservation software for tours. Best of all, he has a degree in 60's Culture. Groovy.

Colton Cruse

Before FareHarbor, Colton ran an ecotourism consulting business for small, luxury resorts. He loves surfing, free diving, finding a good deal, fishing during the Golden Hour and eating incredibly spicy foods incredibly quickly.

Alex Neubauer

Alex's motto of "Keep it tactical and practical. One step ahead. Eye on the prize," makes him a most excellent Client Onboarding Specialist. He loves both sushi and having a cold beer with friends, but rarely mixes the two.

Mitch Revare

Mitch joined FareHarbor after studying Psychology and French at the University of Colorado Boulder. He's seriously into Kansas City, with a love for the Royals, the Chiefs and the BBQ. He's known for his silky smooth phone voice.

Gabriel Procaccino

When Gabe isn't leading our NY sales team in getting boots on the ground, he's sharing laughter and good food with loved ones. Originally from South Philly, he's a born lover of cheesesteaks and U.S. Constitutional history.

Zach Snow

Our CTO, Zach, studied Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Minnesota, where he received both his BS and MS. He's stoked when there's good waves, fresh snow and steep lines in his life. And always with good people.

Lawrence Hester

Our CEO, Lawrence, studied Economics at Brown before joining Credit Suisse as an equity block trader. He likes challenging himself with impossibly long runs and hikes, then rewarding himself with cold beer and ice cream.

Drew Barrett

Drew went to Northeastern University for Civil Engineering. He managed the bridge division at a structural expansion joint manufacturer, traveling to 42 states in just 2 years. While traveling, he likes eating foods he can't recognize.

Michael Powell

Meet Michael. He's a talented content wizard who loves tropical places, eating breakfast for dinner, reading, writing and cats made famous by Instagram. Originally from Indianapolis, he now works on our CSM team in Denver.

Philippine Berdoz

Philippine was born in Switzerland, and moved to the US with her family at the age of 10. She's a thrill seeker, and loves anything from snowboarding to skydiving. This rolls over into her professional life too, where she's conquered several career paths and industries.

Becca Gilligan

A Skidmore grad with a degree in History, Becca was automatically coined the "coolest" person in the Boston office. Just don't ask her where she grew up. Loves to laugh, loves to travel, loves FareHarbor.

Kelly Hart

Originally from a small town just outside of Chicago, Kelly works in our Boston office as an Account Executive. Her favorite foods include lobster rolls, deep dish pizza and her grandmother's mac & cheese.

Amanda Baltazar

Amanda went to college at Ball State University for Hospitality and Business Management. She loves the mountains, for all the great hiking and camping, as well as learning about new cultures (and the delicious foods that come with them)!

Mauricio Abreu

Originally from Brazil, Mauricio is the Godfather of Kiteboarding, a valedictorian of the School of Life, and a pro-surfer turned pro-family man. Before FareHarbor, he was the Brand Manager for Slingshot Sports and founder of BlankBoard MFG.

Sam Kaiser

Sam graduated with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Economics from Denison University, where he was a member of the golf team and the resident campus tour guide. He loves the Colorado lifestyle, especially for the farmers markets and epic skiing.

Schuyler Ward

Schuyler got an MA from University of Edinburgh in Scotland, writing his dissertation on the marketing trends of the beer industry. He worked as a brewer and business development consultant in New England before joining FareHarbor.

Salvatore Percival

Salvatore earned his degree in Marketing and Business Development from the world's number one entrepreneurial school. He spent a summer in Brazil following the World Cup, embracing his love for both soccer and travel.

Chelsea Love

Chelsea's favorite city is any city she's never been to. Originally from Kansas City, she studied in Manhattan, KS before moving to Boston to join FareHarbor. She lives with a snuggly little five-pound fluff ball named Gia.

Michael Klempner

Coming from the land of Bourbon and horses, Michael worked for a family business in Kentucky before deciding to move out to Denver. Family and friends are his top priority, but the mountains and his dog, Chester, aren't far behind.

Matt Schmitz

As a Denver native, Matt is all about the mountains. Skiing, snowboarding, backpacking are his bread and butter. He also became quite fond of racquetball after working as the Hospitality Desk Supervisor for a sports and wellness club.

Ian Pauley

Ian is a recent grad from University of Missouri. He digs trail running and is a true chicken tender fanatic - so much so, that he runs a blog to rate all the tenders he eats. One time, he ate 2 Chipotle burritos in one sitting. But that was a one time thing.

William Barr

After studying Management at Purdue University, William drove cross country looking for his dream job. He's a friend and family man, a fan of anything outdoors and a lover of chips and guac. His PB&J has the perfect PB-to-J ratio.

Tyler Sindel

Before coming to FareHarbor, Tyler worked as a Consultant in the Real Estate Industry. He speaks German and put it to use while studying in Berlin. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, golfing, tennis and windsurfing.

Zachary Hester

Our co-founder, Zachy, worked in Hawaii's activity industry for years, getting the scoop on how to make a product tour companies truly need. His favorite things are board related: surfing, snowboarding and drinking Longboard Lagers.

Nick Chappel

Want to make a new friend? Meet Nick. He's one of our Channel Development Associates and he loves making friends. He also loves skiing in the winter, fishing in the summer and learning languages. He's really good with languages.

Jane Feiereisel

Before FareHarbor, Jane worked for a wonderful non-profit that provides in-home therapy to mentally ill children. She has the enviable ability to always know the best dessert place in 3-mile radius and is an excellent pet sitter.

Mikaela Breit

Mikaela joined our Boston team as an Account Executive after graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She's very stoked on traveling, and her top place to visit is an island in North Carolina called Sunset Beach.

Alex Obechina

Alex is a Denver native who loves the mountains and is an avid Broncos fan. She spends her free time traveling, cooking, playing sports and visiting local breweries.

Tyler Britton

Before FareHarbor, Tyler juggled a career in finance with a gig managing DJ's for underground events in Boston. He loves owning a grill and Acadia National Park. Tyler wears the same pants to work every day. No one's noticed yet.

Tommaso Dini

Tommaso grew up in between New York City and Italy, before returning to the States to earn a degree in Communications with a film concentration at Boston University. He worked on an upcoming HBO documentary before joining FareHarbor.

Charlie Dunn

Charlie's favorite hobbies include but are not limited to snowboarding, hiking, soccer, golf and drinking IPAs. He studied Geography at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and worked in software sales before joining FareHarbor.

Emma Kelly

Emma grew up in Redding, CT and is a graduate of the University of Vermont. She's stoked on all things outdoors, music and summer BBQs. Once as a kid, she sat on Willie Nelson's lap and her brother has a sweet band, Augustus.

Nikki Collister

Nikki hails from sunny Southern California and holds a degree in Ethnomusicology (a fancy word for the study of world music). Most weekends you’ll find her hiking the urban hills of San Francisco in search of ice cream and used records.

Jesse Duke

A 2008 Olympian, Jesse played Field Hockey for the U.S.A. before joining the team at FareHarbor. She's all about the three F's: family, friends and food. Her penchant for messing up idioms and song lyrics always gets people laughing.

Zack Feld

Zack graduated from Miami University with a degree in Accounting. Before joining the FareHarbor team, he worked at the Hershey Co. as a Retail Sales Representative. He loves music and is always up for an adventure.

Nick Lines

Originally from Burlington, VT, nothing stokes Nick out like a long day of snowboarding. Or mountain biking. Or skateboarding. Basically if it's outdoors, he's stoked. He believes in the power of team work to achieve great goals!

Emerson Rogers

Emerson studied Finance and Business Law and played lacrosse at Boston University before moving out to San Diego to work in the financial industry. He loves sports (all of them!), surfing and inserting movie quotes in everyday conversation.

Margaret Knudsen

A Denver native, Margaret earned a degree in both Global Studies and Spanish from Sewanee: University of the South. From camping to boating, she's all about the outdoors. Margaret's also incredibly willing to share her food.

Mark Loh

Mark has a double degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering & Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. He loves being outdoors with good friends and family, mostly so he can utilize his naturally loud voice.

Alley Wilcox

Originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, Alley lived in Miami before landing in Denver to join the FareHarbor team. She loves visiting libraries and the "old book smell," her Siberian Husky, Monty, and almost anything with floral print.

David Luten

In addition to being a Content Specialist at FareHarbor, David is a chef and world traveler. He loves campfires, road trips and the outdoors. David's lived in Colorado for 8 years, and is now on the team at our Denver office.

Scott Martin

Scott lives by the motto, "Strangers are just friends you have not met yet." Family is always his first priority, but he's also into shredding fresh pow, playing Cribbage, eating a finely prepared steak, and anything near a lake.

Adelaide Hester

Adelaide's favorite things are meeting new people and spreading positivity- both of which became her full-time job when she joined FareHarbor as our Director of Channel Development. She also loves sailing, hiking and adventuring.

Raleigh Caruso

Before FareHarbor, Raleigh worked for Burton Snowboards in Vermont. He's happiest when snowboarding with a crew of good friends, a camera in hand, and a sweet video of said friends being filmed on said camera.

Bronne Bruzgo

Bronne studied History at Penn State, where he became an expert in military history. Test him by calling out the name of any firearm or tank, and he'll tell you the war and country it came from. Other interests are walking in the woods with his dog, and cat snuggles.

Giaco Corsiglia

Giaco studied Physics and Math at Amherst College. Originally from New York, he now works in our San Francisco office. He splits his free time evenly between playing ultimate frisbee, being by the ocean and drinking boba tee.

Ben Goffin

Ben joined the FareHarbor team after studying Economics and Philosophy at Hamilton College. His family, his dog and his food are the most important things in his life. He has some excellent pizza recommendations if you're hungry.

Matt Francis

The first thing you need to know about Matt is that he has a sweet beard. In the past, he's worked as a mentor for at-risk kids, as a pizza delivery man and a mandolin player/vocalist in a nationally-touring bluegrass band.

Larry Hester

Larry is Papa Hester. He joined FareHarbor after years of working as an Investment Banker and Teacher. He loves his family and all of their pets. His high energy and positive attitude always make him the best guy in the room.

Max Ingrassia

Before joining FareHarbor in our Boston office, Max studied Spanish and Political Science at Hamilton College. He's into baseball, football, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead. But he's mostly into the New York Mets.

Davis Cutter

Davis studied political science at Union College, before moving to India where he fell in love with Indian textiles and ran the world's highest marathon. In his free time Davis enjoys talking politics, eating s'mores and competing in ultramarathons.

Emily Quaglia

Emily was born a proud New Yorker, then became a Boston College rower, and is now a FareHarbor-er. Her priorities include snacking, movie and TV quotes, and getting one step closer to adopting her own pup.

Liz Story

Before FareHarbor, Liz worked as an Office Administrator and HR Assistant at Ubisense Inc. She gives excellent restaurant recommendations and has some seriously sweet dance moves. Liz loves showering her pup Bodie with love.

Samantha DeGroff

Before joining the team at FareHarbor, Samantha roamed Europe, traveling to Ireland, Holland and Italy. She's always on the hunt for epic experiences, spontaneous adventures, and any restaurant around Boston that she still hasn't tried.

Carolyn Magee

After graduating from UMass Amherst, Carolyn worked in special education for before joining the team at FareHarbor. Even though she's solo traveled through Europe, she still has a long list of countries she plans to visit. She's a huge Tom Brady and Patriots fan.

Matt Broten

Matt, AKA The Dawg, joined FareHarbor after working to build an online marketplace where artists could buy and sell digital assets. He loves programming, surfing, and skiing; strong coffee, seafood, and being The Dawg.

Michael Starr

Before FareHarbor, Michael was all sports, all the time. He studied Sports Management at UMass Amherst before working for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Georgia Tech Athletics. He loves basketball, classic music and scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch.

Alex Kober

Alex is from Rochester, NY and attended Clarkson University - both of which, are on the Canadian border. He loves sports and is a die hard Buffalo Bills fan (also on the Canadian border). He must also really like Canada.

Mark Schneider

Mark worked for an architectural engineering firm in Shanghai, China before joining FareHarbor. He's also worked as a snowboard instructor, because no one knows the snow like Mark. He's a rare mix of driven and laid-back.

Michael Schmitt

Michael has a B.S. in Neuroscience from Tulane University with Minors in Music & Latin American Studies. He's always looking for new opportunities to expand his education, and loves cooking, snowboarding and sailing.

Gabriela Quarantiello

Gabriela studied International Business at Babson College before joining the team as one of FareHarbor's first Account Executives. She loves boating, lobster fishing, and skiing, but has plenty of room in her heart for Nutella.

Lauren Schmitt

Lauren studied Environmental Science and Plant and Soil Science at UVM, and worked for a hydroponics company before joining FareHarbor. She loves hiking, eating pesto and chillin' with her family. She also loves bugs. Spiders included.

Erika Sternburg

Before FareHarbor, Erika worked in Marketing and Business Development for a national parking company. She's a fan of cooking healthy food, happy people, tough days at spin class and laughing even when it's a bad joke.

Anders Hester

With a degree from New York University in Recording Music and Music Business, Anders managed bands for years before joining FareHarbor. He's into snowboarding, golfing, live music and hanging out with his wife and dog.

Shay Knolle

Shay is an avid Laker and Raiders fan, and loves being anywhere where 70 degrees is considered cold and snow is a myth. Start any pick-up game and he'll finish it - basketball, football, beer pong, kickball - you name it.

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