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Running your rental business has never been easier. We handle adventure rentals, water sport rentals, beach gear rentals and so much more.

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Everything you expect in the leading booking software…

…plus custom solutions designed specifically for rental businesses. Take advantage of our top-of-the-line features like a mobile-optimized booking flow, 24/7 support and hundreds of OTA connections.

Save time with inventory automation

Quickly see when equipment will be in use, add or remove inventory when necessary and create time blocks for cleaning in just a few seconds.

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Visualize equipment use and availability

Stay on track! Create customizable calendars to see what inventory is in use, the equipment usage for the day, an hourly view and more.

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One easy-to-use Dashboard that serves your entire inventory

Maximize revenue when we set you up to share your equipment between different tours and locations.

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Manage waivers and protect your assets

Easily integrate with our digital waiver software partners and activate credit card holds for equipment to ensure your inventory is in the right hands.

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Customizable reporting that works with your business

Better understand inventory usage, equipment popularity and so much more. Our reports provide you with any data you are looking for.

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Your partner every step of the way

From your first conversation with us to your first reservation and the hundreds more to come, we’re here to help YOU.

  • We take a consultative approach with every operator. We understand you want, and need, to run your business your way.

  • Work with a specialist from day one to ensure your online booking flow is optimized and your operations are running smoothly. Contact our support team any time, day or night.

  • Get more bookings through our distribution networks and top API and OTA connections.

  • Receive access to our industry-leading growth resources that include business strategies, on-demand trainings and our exclusive operator community.

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Rated 4.8 stars on Capterra

4.8  stars

FareHarbor is the most trusted booking management platform based on 1000+ reviews.

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