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Building a Sustainable Travel Industry: FareHarbor Achieves Carbon Neutral Status

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From bioluminescence kayak tours in Puerto Rico to hot air balloon rides above the Cascade Mountains, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef to hiking the Italian Alps, the awe-inspiring experiences that many tour, activity, and attraction operators share with the world are at risk. As humanity collectively emits over 50 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year, scientists agree that if we do not alter our energy consumption habits, temperatures will continue to rise and oceans will become more acidic. We want to help.

At FareHarbor, we are committed to going beyond booking software to support operators across the globe, and that includes taking steps to offset our operations’ impact on our planet. As a result, we are proud and excited to share that FareHarbor, as part of Booking Holdings, was operationally carbon neutral in 2020 and we intend to remain carbon neutral every year moving forward.

This means that FareHarbor will continue to actively reduce our carbon emissions. Emissions we cannot eliminate will be neutralized by purchasing carbon offsets from verified sources. Our summarized emissions and offsets will be available for review each year in the annual Booking Holdings Sustainability Report.

View the 2020 Report Now

Although carbon neutrality is a big step forward, it’s not the end of the journey. We acknowledge that there is much work remaining to confront the dangers of climate change and protect the beautiful places that travelers frequent and our clients call home. As a leader in our industry, we know that we have an important role to play. ? ?

Do you use FareHarbor? View our sustainability checklist for tour operators! This list offers small steps (that make a big difference!) to take within your business to reduce the environmental impact on your community and beyond.

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