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FHDN and FH Connect: 2 Resources to Help Your Business Grow

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At FareHarbor, our goal is to help our clients optimize their businesses to grow and thrive. That’s why we offer a wide network of partnerships that expand exposure and lead to opportunities for increased online bookings. From online tour agencies (OTAs) to other resellers around the world, FareHarbor helps you sell your tours and activities in a variety of places, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. This blog will dive into two of our resources: the FareHarbor Distribution Network (FHDN) and FareHarbor Connect (FHC). 

FareHarbor Distribution Network (FHDN)

What is it?

The FHDN allows clients to partner with other FareHarbor businesses to resell each other’s tours and activities. This provides a wide network of travel websites, travel blogs and influencers, hotels, airlines, and many more potential resellers leading to more growth opportunities.

FareHarbor’s expanding Distribution Network gives your company access to a wealth of potential customers. Choose to have other FareHarbor clients resell your tours and activities and resell their tours and activities on your website – or, you can do both!


  • Gain extra bookings by reaching more customers you might not typically attain in organic searches. 
  • Customer contact information from each booking appears in your Dashboard so you can generate repeat customers through future marketing endeavors.
  • FareHarbor automatically takes care of all invoices and contracts so there’s no added work on your end. 

We make it easy to join the FHDN! Sign up by heading to this page and gain those extra sales. 

FareHarbor Connect (FHC)

What is it?

FHC enables our clients to instantly connect with local travel platforms as well as industry leading OTAs including Vacations Made Easy, Attraction World, Sea Bookings and more – all through just one contract! When a client joins the program, FHC partners are given access through the FareHarbor API to distribute that client’s tours and activities.

We make it seamless for clients to work with the growing selection of unique partners around the world to widen their scope within the tourism industry.


  • Increase bookings and exposure by allowing your tours and activities to be distributed by our FHC partners (local and industry leading OTAs).
  • Reach a wider audience of in-destination travelers and last-minute bookers. 
  • Work with several partners without the burden of creating multiple contracts.
  • No need for outside invoicing since FareHarbor will deposit all profit owed to you right into your bank account. 

You can join FHC by going to this link and start to see your tours and activities on local and global OTAs!

The FareHarbor Distribution Network and FareHarbor Connect are designed to help our clients succeed. More bookings means more sales, and working with other clients, OTAs, and partners will drive success. To learn more about the FHDN and FHC, visit the links above to find frequently asked questions, commission rates, all included partners, and everything else you need to make an informed decision about joining!

Please note: You must be a FareHarbor client to join both the FHDN and the FHC. FareHarbor clients are also free to work with any affiliates through individual contracts, and FareHarbor is connected to all industry leading OTAs outside of the FHC program.

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