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Join the Movement: I Will Travel Again

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The travel industry relies on human movement to function, and most have made the commitment to saving lives by staying home. Now, it is time to make the next commitment: to travel again.

#iwilltravelagain serves as a reminder for tour and activity companies around the world that travel will be back, and provides us as travelers an opportunity to lend support in their time of need. Help keep the mountain biking, food tour, and surfing experiences alive. These businesses are struggling and need our help today, so we can enjoy their experiences in the future.  

You can make a difference in helping our industry weather the storm. #iwilltravelagain creates an opportunity for operators to earn revenue during these unprecedented times through gift card purchases and highlights the rich stories and personalities behind local businesses that provide us thousands of amazing experiences worldwide.

Head to and start planning your next trip! Join the #iwilltravelagain movement and help spread the word to encourage the world to do the same. It’s a quick and simple vote of confidence that says, “we will be back!” We may not know when, but this won’t stop us from dreaming of our next adventure.

We will experience the tastes of a new city, learn the history of a new culture, and enjoy the beauty of new landscapes again. #iwilltravelagain – will you? 

For more information on promoting gift cards for your business and how you can get involved with the #iwilltravelagain project, check out the FAQs section on

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