Revolutionize your in-person sales: Meet FareHarbor Dock

FareHarbor Dock is our booking point-of-sale solution, here to transform your walk-up sales.

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graphical user interface, websiteWe’re delighted to announce that FareHarbor’s booking point-of-sale solution is here! FareHarbor Dock is designed to speed up your in-person sales and elevate your customer experience, all in one intuitive app.

Read on for more information about the benefits of FareHarbor Dock as well as the two powerful modes it has to offer.

Please note that FareHarbor Dock is currently only available to our U.S. operators. 

Kiosk mode

Kiosk mode lets customers book in a few clicks, securely pay for their tour or activity, then be right on their way to the experience. 

  1. Save time empowering customers to book on their own: You and your employees can spend less time at the front desk selling and more time running your business.
  2. Reduce long lines and improve customer satisfaction: With a multi-kiosk setup, customers can quickly book their tours and get to their experience faster than ever. 

Staff mode

Staff mode allows your employees to speed up transactions and supercharge their productivity.

  1. Experience bookings sold two times faster: Complete in-person bookings in record time with our user-friendly interface.
  2. Easy to learn, simple to master: Turn your seasonal and new staff members into pros with minimal training required. 

Bonus! With Dual mode, you can easily toggle between Kiosk and Staff mode to create an even more seamless experience for your customers and employees. 

Interested in learning more? Request a FareHarbor demo today.

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