Product at FareHarbor

Our Product Team is at the heart of FareHarbor. We work together on our web and mobile apps, marketing and support materials, and integrations with our partners. Our team is growing and expanding as our offerings do the same.


We work primarily from our office in the Mission district of San Francisco, just a few blocks from 24th St. Mission BART. FareHarbor also has offices in Hawaii, Denver, Minneapolis, and Boston.


We want you to do your best work and enjoy doing it. Our work environment is relaxed, and we strive to make sure we accomplish our goals with just the right amount of structure. We work together, pulling in others who might have more experience and sharing knowledge when we can. Our team is cohesive, ambitious, and balanced. We hang out, have fun and eat a lot of taqueria burritos. As we grow, we are always reforming and reshaping. We want you to have a hand in that.


The main FareHarbor web app is likely one of the larger Angular applications you’ll work on. In addition to a lot of JS, we write Django/Python, SCSS, and Swift for our iOS app. We run on AWS, Nginx, PostgreSQL and coffee. We integrate with a bunch of popular services for things like sending email, serving files, and error tracking. We also have a few WordPress projects.


Open Positions