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3 FareHarbor Software Partners That Make Running Your Business Easier

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We’re proud to say that our booking software is top-rated amongst tour and activity operators. And, although we make updates and add new features each month, we know that partnering with other companies is the right choice to ensure each client we serve has every tool they need to succeed. 

We pride ourselves on providing clients with best-in-class software and customer service. We identify and vet partners to meet the excellence you deserve. From marketing solutions to digital waivers, photo services, and more – we’ve got it all to turn FareHarbor into a “one stop shop” for all of your company needs. 

Below we discuss three of our most popular software partners. If you’re interested in learning about all we have to offer, request a demo today!

What is a software partner?

A FareHarbor software partner is a hand-selected business that you can choose to work with. They will help your operation run more efficiently and help stay on top of every aspect of your business.

Customer Communication Platform – Podium

Podium is an all-in-one messaging software that will help you manage your online reputation and local interactions.


  • Collect more reviews by automatically sending out review invites following a guest experience. 
  • Easily view all customer conversations across platforms (text, social media, etc.) by having one centralized inbox.
  • Convert more online bookings by setting up a live chat widget on your website. 

Email Marketing Software – TourAdvantage

TourAdvantage is a comprehensive email marketing solution that has been designed for FareHarbor – more specifically, for tour and activity operators, just like you!


  • Gain access to pre-made email templates and accelerator campaigns tailored specifically for tour and activity companies.
  • With a moderate budget, create in-depth marketing campaigns that will increase exposure and engagement
  • Save valuable time with easy to set up drip campaigns. 
  • Explore over 40 tutorials created with tour and activity operators in mind.

Digital Waiver Solutions – Wherewolf and Smartwaiver

FareHarbor has two choices for digital waiver solutions: Wherewolf and Smartwaiver. Both softwares provide a two-way integration with FareHarbor which ensures each customer that books with your company signs their waiver. Both software solutions will protect your company and your streamline you check-in process.


  • It’s easy to stay up to date with the waiver status for each customer with the information right in your FareHarbor Dashboard.
  • Enjoy the security of each waiver being permanently saved as a PDF in each reservation.
  • Save time and energy.Waivers will be sent to each customer’s email immediately after booking.
  • Tailor your digital waivers to fit your exact business needs. 

We’re always on the hunt for the best software partners to ensure our clients have everything they need to run their business smoothly. If you’re interested in joining the FareHarbor community and increasing your business’s efficiency through customizable tools like these, contact a representative today!

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