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7 Tips for Tour Operators to Create a Great Company Logo

Looking for a company logo refresh? We outline 7 simple elements for you to incorporate.

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A logo represents a company and its brand identity. As with all of your marketing assets, your logo should be on brand with your chosen color scheme, fonts, and images.

This will help distinguish your company from the competition and give your online audience a visual to associate with your business.

Whether your company is new or you are looking for a brand refresh, use these seven tips to create your ideal logo. 

Keep it simple

There is no need to overcomplicate your design. Creating a clean, straightforward logo will help customers better identify your business. Stick to using only a few colors and elements.

Although you may want to incorporate every aspect of your business, it’s better to highlight just a few. For instance, say you run a company that rents out jet skis, kayaks, paddleboards, and boats. Rather than featuring all four which could lead to a chaotic design, only use one or two. A good rule of thumb is to use your most popular offerings. 

Make it memorable

Another major goal when designing a logo is to make it unforgettable. As mentioned above, a simple logo can help you accomplish this. You can also use a bold color, a creative symbol, or a witty slogan to help make it memorable.

Consider the Domino’s Pizza logo. This design is straightforward, but unique enough to make people recall their brand. 

Choose colors that match your business’s personality

Your logo represents your business. So you should ask yourself, “what is my company’s personality?”. Do you offer intense activities like skydiving? Do you host laid-back yoga classes? No matter the answer, the colors and design elements you choose should reflect your offerings.

Colors are proven to make people feel a certain way. For instance, red and yellow makes people hungry (hello McDonalds logo!). And blue can represent tranquility. Choose your colors based on aspects of your specific business. 

Create a timeless design

Once you create your logo, you won’t want to have to change it often. This confuses customers and can hurt your brand identity. 

Consider a logo that will last and make sense for years to come. Do not use crazy colors or piggyback on a current fad. Styles and trends change overtime, and your logo should withstand that. 

Balance your layout 

You want to create a logo that is balanced. It is human nature to consider a balanced image as beautiful, so why not design a logo with that in mind? 

This can be symmetrical, like the Target logo:


Or asymmetrical, like the Nike logo:


How you balance your design is up to you, but try to build one while using this concept. 

Quick Tip: If you feel overwhelmed creating your logo, consider hiring a graphic designer to help with these elements. Just be sure to fully immerse them in your brand, so they understand your business and can create a logo that represents it.

Be original

This should go without saying, but you should not copy or steal a logo concept from another company. Not only can this create tension among your competitors, but you also want to design a logo that is distinct and easily identifies your company. 

Of course, there may be some overlap in your design if circumstances line up. For example, if you are looking to create a logo for your winery, you can incorporate a wine glass in your design, even though it is likely another winery that uses that symbol. Just be sure to make it your own!

Make it versatile

When designing your logo, consider what it will look like in different mediums. Is your logo scalable to the computer and a phone screen? Make sure all details are easily identified, no matter the size. 

Quick Tip: Ensure your logo looks great on merchandise. You can make a higher profit by putting your memorable logo on hats, shirts, mugs, and more! 

No two companies are the same. So your logo should not be either! Think about these design elements as you are creating your logo so your business can really shine.

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