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An Inside Look at the Experience as a New Hire at FareHarbor

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How you feel on your first day of work often comes down to how prepared your new company is for you. That’s why when you start working at FareHarbor (see all open positions!), you take part in an in-depth, team-building training program to ensure you feel ready to approach your role with confidence. 

You will spend two weeks with other new employees across all teams at the company learning the ins and outs of FareHarbor, our software, our clients, and our culture.

“The most beneficial aspect of our training program is its focus on giving you the right tools to help you start a new job coupled with a strong connection to other new hires in your class.”

– Adam Volk, Global Onboarding Team Lead

Our Product

At the forefront of the program is discovering everything about FareHarbor’s software (our Dashboard). This knowledge will assist you in any position whether you are troubleshooting directly with tour operators on the Support team or promoting key product features to businesses on the Sales team.

During the training you will hear from various FareHarbor experts as they discuss different features of the Dashboard. You can ask questions directly and by the end of two weeks you will no longer be afraid of the terms “lightframe” or “booking flow”.

Meet the Teams

FareHarbor is a global company with over 650 dedicated employees — and with that comes a lot of teams and positions.

During the training you will dive into what each team does and meet the heads of each department. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of teams other than your own helps you to see how your new position fits into the organization as a whole.

You will also participate in 1:1 conversations to make sure you have answers to your burning questions. All new hires will be paired up with a mentor and you will also meet with your managers on multiple occasions to see what your new role will be like.

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

You will have the chance to talk to FareHarbor directors and managers during an AMA Session. You can ask what would make someone successful at FareHarbor, what they attribute their success to, or about their favorite part of the role. Do not be afraid to ask harder questions – nothing is off limits!

From the very beginning of your time at FareHarbor, you have transparency about the inner workings of the company. Ask important questions and be ready to learn!

Adam mentions that:

“Of course, we take time to give you the details and teach you the in and outs of the FareHarbor software and the company as a whole, but by the end of our training –  you’ll feel empowered to seek information on your own and you’ll have a class of peers and all of FareHarbor there to support you on your way.”

DEI Activities

As a global company, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are of the utmost importance. Throughout your two-week training, you will participate in DEI sessions so you can hear other perspectives and feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and opinions.

Our DEI program ensures each employee comes to work feeling respect and connection. We want to make sure our new hires feel that way from their first day and beyond.

Becoming a Part of the ‘Ohana

Yes, you’ll spend much of your time in training learning about processes but we like to have fun while doing it! Expect to play games and have time to connect with other new hires.

From the moment you start, you will realize that you must work hard and with integrity in every task you do — but, there is no harm in enjoying your coworkers and time while you do it!

Growth Mindset

As you make your way through the training course, you will hear about the “growth mindset” which is a pillar of the culture at FareHarbor.

Adam describes a growth mindset as:

“A simple tool anybody can use to help them tackle a new challenge. By using it during training, within your new job role, or outside of work you’ll find you’re more able to tackle challenges which are thrown your way”.

If you have a growth mindset and are interested in joining the ‘Ohana, check out all our open positions

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