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Behind the Scenes: FareHarbor Employee Interviews

Check out exclusive FareHarbor ‘Ohana interviews from employees across the globe.

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We’re back with more exclusive O’Hana team member insights! Get the inside scoop on their backgrounds and discover what it’s really like to work at FareHarbor. 

Below you’ll learn more about a few of our employees from offices around the world — all working toward the same goal of helping our clients grow and succeed. 

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Megan MacDonald

Small Business Account Executive, Needham


Tell us about yourself and where you are from.

I am from Billerica, Massachusetts. I volunteer, hike, workout, cook, and spend time with my dog and family in my spare time. I enjoy helping my mom in her garden or doing other various projects around the house. I’ve worked in retail, as a nanny, and at startups. 

Now, I get to help startups grow their businesses and watch their revenue soar with a great product! How fun. 

How has FareHarbor helped you grow in your role?

FareHarbor gives me the autonomy to make my own decisions to learn and grow at my own rate — which gives me a lot of power and confidence! I have seen growth and progress within a work capacity, but also in other areas of my life.

I love working cross-functionally with other teams, it’s really fun and it brings me back to my track days when I ran the 4×4 relay. 

How would you describe the culture at FareHarbor?

Fair, inclusive, down-to-earth, relatable, anti-grind/hustle culture.

What team outings have you participated in recently outside of work?

A group of women and I from the Needham office volunteered at an organization called Cradles to Crayons. It is a non-profit organization that provides resources such as school supplies and clothing to homeless and low-income children.  

Hannah Dziura

Technical Support Specialist, Sydney

Tell us about yourself and where you are from.

I was born in Miami, Florida and lived there until I was 17 years old. After I finished the 11th grade, I spontaneously bought a one-way ticket to Sydney, Australia, to surprise my Aussie mum with a visit. Since I am a citizen by descent, I flashed my passport from down unda’ at customs, and was not once prompted to think about how or when I would get back to the USA. 

Today, I call Australia my home. In 2013, I married a quiet nerd named Benj and so far we are still getting along. We adopted a weird cat named Samson. Samson’s favourite food is corn on the cob.

As a newer team member, what was your favorite part of the training process?

In my cohort of trainees, there was only one other support team member. Whenever it was just the two of us alone, we would excitedly check in with each other, which mainly consisted of questions like, “does this seem too good to be true, or is it just me?!”. 

Why do you like working at FareHarbor?

I like working at FareHarbor because I am making a tangible difference in the lives of business owners all over the world. I am also devoting my time to a company that I believe deserves it and has put in the effort to earn my trust and loyalty. 

What tour or activity would you be most excited to try?

So many! One of our clients has a petting zoo of exclusively baby animals. Another rents paddle boats in the shape of swans on a lake called “The Swan.” I have also caught myself daydreaming about a vacation whenever I am helping clients out who work in the Dry Tortugas. 

There is another client who kayaks through caves in Wisconsin that I spoke to recently, and I asked him if he ever dived the site. He said he hadn’t, but we agreed to do it together if I ended up in his corner of the world at the right time of year. 

Keiko Friar

Client Dashboard Specialist, Denver

Tell us about yourself and where you are from. 

I grew up in Kaneohe, HI, and moved to Colorado for college. My two great loves are the great outdoors (camping, hiking, backpacking, etc.) and art (theater, writing, music, painting and digital work). Personally, I aspire to contribute to environments built on equity, access and collaboration.

Why do you like working at FareHarbor?

I really appreciate the flexibility around in and out-of-office scheduling, days off, and collective understanding that your team has your back. People are genuinely friendly and open to feedback.

What is your favorite FareHarbor core value and why?

Be Curious and Learn. Learning ideally never ends; there are always new experiences and connections to make. 

What team outings have you participated in recently outside of work?

I’ve been on the FareHarbor Cares committee helping to organize and build charity events. I am really looking forward to our winter holiday volunteering.

If you’re interested in helping businesses grow across the globe and working with a devoted O’Hana — take a look at our open positions!

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