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FareHarbor Beach Cleanup

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Our Product team has a knack for good ideas, but this might have been their best one yet. Last week they headed out to San Francisco’s Ocean Beach to help clean up any litter that had found its way down to the sand. Besides scoring a few hours of beach time, what motivated them to do it? They just love their beach! If you need proof, check out how many of our CTO’s tweets contain the word “surf” or “beach” — we’re pretty sure he’s batting over .500.

They ended up with five bags of garbage, stuffed full of long forgotten items ranging from (several) pairs of socks to a whole pantry worth of condiments. Oddities like fifty feet of kite string, a broken pail and shovel, a pair of underwear and a tank top also made it into their bags. We’re all for skinny dipping, people, but make sure your clothes follow you home next time!


Bonus: After the beach cleanup ended, they went on a product cleanup mission, taking out 37 outstanding tickets. Thanks for keeping things tidy, team!

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