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Friday Features: Easy Customer Lists, Improved Invoicing & More

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Easy customer lists

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We’ve greatly improved the Customers report to help you pull lists of customers’ contact information. The powerful new filter options allow you to answer questions like:

What are the email addresses of everyone who booked online this month of last year? What is the phone number of everyone who participated in an activity last month? Who is coming to my business next week? You can find the report in Reports > Customers.

Better invoicing, pay in-system

Tourism invoicing_FareHarbor

If you’ve run invoicing in November you likely noticed some huge improvements to how the affiliate Invoicing system works. You can now see who needs to be invoiced, create invoices, and keep track of what you are owed with just a few clicks.

We’ve also added support for paying for invoices in-system. Send an invoice via email and your payee can log in and pay you directly from their bank account. We’re very excited about making the process easier – if you’d like to learn more, check out an overview of paying for invoices or contact

Payments and refunds at a glance


In the past, it could be hard to get a handle on the payment status of a booking with multiple payments or refunds. No more! From any booking, click the “payments” row to get an overview at a glance.

Other improvements

  • The To Be Paid Out report can now be grouped by different options, including payout date and item. Look for the “Group by” dropdown in the upper right.
  • A new Expenses and Discounts report to get an overview of custom line items that have been added to bookings. Use the Filter menu to only find entries with certain descriptions.
  • Support for Google Analytics custom campaign parameters.
  • Many performance improvements, especially of the Payouts report.
  • Better formatting when printing the Dashboard overview of a booking.
  • Added a Print button for online customers who want to print their confirmation page.

Thanks for partnering with us! Look for more news very soon.

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