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Google Things to do: What this new integration means for FareHarbor clients

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for… Google Things to do (TTD) is here! If you have not heard the buzz about Google’s latest program — and you are a tour, activity or attraction operator —  it’s time to get excited. 

TTD is a free integration (for FareHarbor clients) that lets your experiences be booked online directly through Google Search. Think Google Hotels. 

Your customers will be able to quickly find your offerings which send you more direct bookings. Then, those bookings will seamlessly integrate with your FareHarbor Dashboard making it easy to stay on top of your business. 


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By clicking the ticket symbol link on your Google Business Profile, you will be taken directly to your FareHarbor booking page (see below). 


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Here we share what makes a business or experience eligible for TTD as well as how this integration works for FareHarbor clients. 

Is your business eligible for Google Things to do?

TTD is a new integration that was initially released for attractions, so at this time not every experience qualifies to join. Luckily, Google is working hard to change that. If you do not qualify today, you may tomorrow.

At this time, the most important eligibility factor is whether your tour, activity, or attraction is connected to a Point of Interest (POI)

A POI is a business or similar entity that has a specific location and is open to the public. For instance, the “Eiffel Tower” or the “Empire State Building” qualify. However, “Paris” or “Manhattan” would not be considered to be POIs. Note that it’s up to Google’s discretion what is or is not considered a POI. 

Other eligibility criteria:

  • Your business must have a Google My Business page
  • No group priced tours, activities, and attractions (prices must be set per person for the integration to work)
  • No gift cards or retail items
  • None of the restricted businesses on this list (i.e. virtual or one-time events)

What does this mean for tour and activity operators?

At this point, you may not know if you qualify to join TTD — it can be a little confusing. Fortunately, as a FareHarbor client, you have our Connectivity team on your side to help you find out. 

As we mentioned, Google can update what is considered a POI. This means that your business can become a good fit for the integration at any time (and your business doesn’t have to be a POI, it just must be included in your experience to meet that criteria). Check with our Connectivity team if you are interested in joining!

FareHarbor is a Google Things to do partner, and with that comes a few other benefits:

  • FareHarbor will get you connected with no set-up fee or commision, it is a completely free service.
  • If you qualify and want to sell on TTD, our Connectivity team will ensure your integration is set up to receive bookings.
  • Each booking will seamlessly integrate into your FareHarbor Dashboard leaving no added steps for your customers or you.

Quick Tip: If you are a FareHarbor client and used to be listed on Reserve with Google, our Connectivity team has already transferred your listing over to Things to do! 

Google TTD is a valuable new integration for operators and we know many companies want to have their offerings listed right away. 

If you are looking to find out your eligibility, want to get your integration set up, or simply have some questions about the integration — check out our Google Things to do help center page or send a message over to our Connectivity team!


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