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Inside the Minds of FareHarbor Leadership: Operations

Hear from Christine Maedche on what it’s like to be the General Manager of our Sydney office.

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Meet Christine Maedche

We’re back with another installment of our newest FareHarbor interview series! Hop on in and learn more about the General Manager of our Sydney Office, Christine Maedche. 

In this series, you hear directly from members of the FareHarbor leadership team about their journey within the company, some personal anecdotes, and their favorite FareHarbor features and experiences!  

When did you start at FareHarbor and how have you progressed since the beginning of your career at the company?

I started at FareHarbor in January 2017. I originally started in Client Onboarding, then transitioned to the Learning and Development team where I trained new hires on how to use the FareHarbor software. In November 2018, I moved to Sydney, Australia to fulfill the General Manager of APAC role.

What was your experience like moving from Denver, Colorado to Sydney, Australia to help open the Sydney office?

The transition was exciting but also challenging. When I moved to Sydney we were very much a “start up”, we had a small client-facing team, and no operational support. This was starkly different from Denver, where we had a number of client facing and operation departments. 

We hired consistently for two years and everything from our product to how we trained our teams needed to be adjusted to be locally relevant. Over the years, we have worked hard to create the team and client support in Sydney we have now. 

What has made you stay at FareHarbor for several years (and counting!)?

The product is amazing, the mission is inspiring, and the growth potential is unparalleled. The team and our clients are so inspiring, are always looking to innovate, and are committed to creating a phenomenal product that allows travelers to book incredible experiences seamlessly online. 

What is the most enjoyable project you are working on or worked on recently?

One of the most exciting things I’ve worked on recently was FareHarbor’s 2023 objectives. This year the team worked more closely than ever to curate objectives for the next year, with a lot of reflection on what we accomplished in 2022 and where we want to go. 

Do you have a specific client story that showcases how FareHarbor can help tour and activity operators?

When I first started at FareHarbor, a client I was working with in Hawaii was unsure how FareHarbor reporting would be able to align with the reports she used in her previous system. 

Through various phone calls, we built out each report together, nearly identical to her reports in her previous system. When she went live, she was thrilled to see how the system was capable of reporting on more than she was used to. This was nearly 6 years ago and the client is still onboard! 

What is your favorite FareHarbor tour or activity you have been on? 

One of the most memorable experiences I’ve been on was visiting the glow worm caves on the south island in New Zealand! The tour is pitch black to allow you to see the glow worms; it’s entirely silent and remarkable to see a cave filled with glow worms lit up as far as you can see. 

Stay tuned as we travel across the globe to our different offices so you can get the inside scoop on what it’s like to work at FareHarbor.

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