New From FareHarbor: The Seating Assignment Solutions You’ve Been Waiting For!

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FareHarbor’s latest feature offers flexible seating assignment solutions to fit your operation’s unique needs. Build and integrate seat maps for dinner shows, river cruises, axe-throwing lanes, and anything in between!

This highly-customizable feature works seamlessly with the rest of your FareHarbor Dashboard, allowing you to better manage customers’ assigned locations within your bookable space. You’ll provide a seamless booking experience for your customers and enjoy simplified seat reservation-management for you and your staff! 

In need of support for COVID-safe activities? This feature is perfect for setting up private parties and maintaining other social-distancing protocols.

This feature is great for:

  • Visualizing and breaking out large venues or bookable spaces with multiple ticket types or pricing tiers.
  • Operators that want to save time with robust auto-assignment options. After automatically seating a party, you can always fine-tune and adjust their assignments as needed.
  • Tours or events that need a way to manage private sections or maintain social distancing measures for COVID-safe activities. Block out seats and use exclusive seating groups to ensure you’re never overbooked.

Wondering what else you can do with this new feature? Let’s chat! We’ll work with you to create custom seat maps and set your pricing and capacity requirements. Learn more in our Help Center or contact FareHarbor Support to get started.

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