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Announcing Tap to Pay on iPhone — In-Person Payments, Made Easier

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Tap to Pay on iPhone, a new contactless payments solution for our clients in partnership with Stripe. Streamline your in-person payments and improve the guest experience with Tap to Pay on iPhone and the FareHarbor app.

What Tap to Pay on iPhone means for FareHarbor clients

Whether you have walk-up customers at your rental station or need to add a wine charge to a dinner cruise tab, Tap to Pay on iPhone makes it easy to manage reservations and accept payments using nothing more than your iPhone and the FareHarbor app — no extra hardware needed 

What you need to know: 

  • Works with iPhone XS or later running on iOS 15.5 or later (excluding iOS 16 beta)
  • Accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, and debit and credit cards with NFC technology
  • Simple to set up with the FareHarbor iOS app
  • Uses the built-in features of iPhone to keep your business and your customer data private and secure. 
  • Out-of-the-box functionality for anyone with a compatible iPhone

Why Tap to Pay on iPhone matters in tours and activities

As the tourism industry moves towards contactless transactions, it gives tour and activity businesses a strong incentive to adopt this latest technology. 

This type of payment also allows you to perform day-to-day tasks on the go which brings your business better organization and productivity. At FareHarbor, we’re committed to providing the latest and most innovative solutions to our clients to ensure their days run smoothly and efficiently. 

“Our partners are always on the move, whether it’s taking a quick walk-up reservation before jumping in the water for a snorkel tour, or coordinating with guides while standing on a canopy platform hundreds of feet in the air. With the integration of Tap to Pay on iPhone, we’re able to continue reducing the payment barrier, enabling our clients to not only do more with less, but enabling their customers to experience more of the world with less friction.”

– FareHarbor Chief Product Officer, Mark Loh

Tap to Pay on iPhone is currently available to all FareHarbor clients who are located in the United States. To find out more, visit our help page!


* Requires iPhone XS or later with iOS 15.5 or later. The Contactless Symbol is a trademark owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.

“FearHarbor” Features for Haunted Experiences

Is your haunted attraction ready for the busiest – and scariest! – time of year? Spooky season is almost upon us, and FareHarbor (or should we say FearHarbor?) is here to help you make the most of it!

Fear not – FareHarbor’s customizable features and resources will help haunted houses, ghost tour operators, and similar businesses have your most successful fall season. 

Whether you’re hosting a midnight corn maze or you run a museum of haunted artifacts, FareHarbor’s capabilities are sure to match your needs this Halloween season. 

Easily Check Your Guests In

What’s scarier than waiting in line? A hassle-free check-in process will move customers quickly and easily into your attraction (where the real thrills are waiting!).

With FareHarbor’s QR code scanning capabilities, customers will simply show the QR code in their confirmation email for you to scan right from the FareHarbor app. 

Check-in staff using the iOS app are also able to scan QR codes without being connected to the internet. No more worrying about your spotty connection!

Cut Costs With the FareHarbor Mobile App

If you want your haunted attraction to run without a hitch, that might mean hiring extra staff. One of the best ways to cut costs is to have staff download the FareHarbor app on their phones.

Rather than purchasing additional hardware like QR code scanners, staff can use their personal phones to check guests in. 

They’ll also have access to their crew assignments and schedules right in the app so they’ll know exactly where they need to be to make your tour, activity, or event run smoothly. If you are already a FareHarbor client, learn how to create custom calendars for individual employees. 

Increase Conversions With an Updated Website

If the thought of losing out on bookings sends a chill down your spine, the FareHarbor Lightframe offers custom solutions.

The Lightframe ensures your booking process is optimized and easy for customers to follow. Our software integrates seamlessly with your website and gives customers all the pertinent information about your activity, like when it starts and what to expect.

Customize Your Book Form to Match Your Business Needs

You can further customize the booking experience by grouping activities into categories and using Custom Fields to ask customers questions like “how did you hear about us?”. The book form is the perfect place to communicate age requirements (for those especially scary tours!) or offer drink and merchandise add-ons. 

Speaking of add-ons, you can use Custom Fields to sell other attractions as part of your haunted experience. For example, customers who book a ghost tour can easily add on a hay ride or corn maze ticket right in the book form. 

Quick Tip: One of the top reasons to optimize your website for bookings is that it will help cut down on those repetitive and time-consuming customer phone calls. Learn how here

Offer Additional Payment Options for Customers

FareHarbor is all about simplifying your conversion flow and checkout process, and a big part of that is offering digital wallet payment options. 

Just in time for spooky season, your customers can book online using Apple Pay and Google Pay for more payment flexibility. 

Get 24/7 Support During Your Busiest Time of Year

We all know the fall season can go by in the blink of an eye! With so many customers flocking to your attraction in a short time frame, you can rest assured that FareHarbor support is right at your fingertips.

Our incredible Support team is available 24/7 to assist at a moment’s notice. Reach them here.

These are just a few ways FareHarbor can eliminate your busy season heebie-jeebies and make this spooky season your best yet! Stay tuned for additional updates coming soon, like the highly anticipated dynamic pricing. Follow us on social media to stay in the loop.

Your Customers Can Now Pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay — Here’s What You Need to Know

More payment options means more bookings and revenue. And that is why we are thrilled to announce that your customers can now use the popular digital wallet payment options, Apple Pay and Google Pay, when booking online.  This update will bring your customers more payment flexibility and a seamless checkout experience.

A long and complicated checkout process is the reason behind 18% of users abandoning their cart during checkout (Shopify). 

Read on to discover the benefits of offering digital wallet payment options, how it works, and how to unlock valuable insights with FareHarbor’s reporting tools. 

Why is offering Apple Pay and Google Pay important?

As a FareHarbor client, you know that we love to introduce features that simplify your conversion flow and checkout process so you never lose out on bookings. Data shows that digital wallet payment options increase online conversions because they provide a quick, easy way for your customers to pay online. 

Additionally, digital wallet options are one of the most secure and safe methods for payment. Your customers’ information is encoded for each transaction so you (and they!) can be worry free. 

Our Product team is committed to adding more payment methods to meet your customers’ needs. We know that payment options and preferences vary across the world and we want to support your customers no matter where you are located.

Quick tip: Apple Pay and Google Pay are already available for in-person payments onFareHarbor approved card readers!

How it works

This feature requires no setup on your end and is already enabled in your Dashboard.

However, it is important to note that the payment options that will appear for each customer depends on their internet browser, which type of device they are using, and if they have Apple Pay or Google Pay set up. Click here to learn more.  

FareHarbor Payment Reporting

As your customers begin paying with Apple Pay and Google Pay, it’s important to see how often they are being used in comparison to other payment options. You can do this with FareHarbor’s built-in reporting. 

To gather insights on the payment methods your customers use while booking online:

  1. Run the Sales reports in your FareHarbor Dashboard 
  2. Use the “Credit Card Type” filter to see a breakdown of payment methods 

We also have another report coming soon that will allow you to see the breakdown of credit card types used for each digital wallet payment.

Our Product team strives to always bring you the features and updates that will streamline your business and get you more bookings. To learn more about Apple Pay and Google Pay (along with everything else FareHarbor has to offer), head over to our Help Center!

Planning a Fall Festival? Here’s How FareHarbor Can Help

As a farm owner, your busiest time of year can easily be during your festival season. It may also be the time that your business makes the most revenue. 

Whether you run a pumpkin patch and corn maze, host a sunflower festival, or operate an annual haunted attraction, there’s so much at stake for a successful event.  Here are four ways FareHarbor can help you plan and manage your seasonal festival.

Make more revenue

Arguably, the most important aspect of running your fall festival is having a steady flow of revenue. For many farm businesses, this event will be the end of the busy season. So it’s important to make it count!

If you have to cancel your festival for the day, you don’t have to completely lose out on those bookings. Here are two FareHarbor features that will help you hold on to your customers.

Don’t lose profit from weather cancellations

Any outdoor event needs to plan for inclement weather and cancellations. Give your customers the option of a gift card rather than a refund for a canceled event. They can use this to book at a later date, purchase add-ons, or any other monetary option you have available. 

Give customers the freedom to rebook

This feature is coming soon! Your customers will have the option to rebook their activity online without your help. If they make the decision to cancel because of weather or their plans change, they will be able to move their booking to a time that works best for them, like a different day of your multi-day festival

Speed up check-in process

Without using a booking software, you may have no idea how busy any given day will be. This can cause a never ending line of (potentially impatient) customers trying to get into your festival. 

Luckily, FareHarbor has a few tricks up our sleeve to ensure every family, couple, and friend group can get into your event efficiently. 

Express lane for those who have booked in advance

While you design your check-in station, consider creating an express lane for customers who have purchased their tickets online. Rather than making every person wait for walk-in customers to buy their tickets, this will get those who pre-booked into your festival quickly. 

Quickly scan customers in

Keep your express lane moving quickly with QR code scanning. Customers who have purchased their tickets online through FareHarbor will receive an email with a QR code (if you have this enabled… and you should!). Then, with the FareHarbor app, you will be able to quickly scan customers’ QR codes for a smooth check-in experience.

Check in customers without WiFi

Clients using the iOS app are now able to scan QR codes without being connected to the internet. If your farm is in a remote location and you do not have great internet on site, you can now check customers in without a connection. Once you are back on WiFi, all data syncs up to your FareHarbor Dashboard.

Safely accept in-person payments

For walk-up customers, you can purchase a FareHarbor approved card reader to easily accept in-person payments. They are fast, secure, and accept all major credit cards — Apple Pay and Google Pay too!

Streamline your business operations

Aside from check-in, there are several other festival aspects that can increase efficiency and productivity.

Easily notify customers of important information

Setting up automatic confirmation emails for guests after they book can be a great tool to share all important information. Not every festival attendee will know what to wear, what to bring in case of inclement weather, where to check-in, and so on. You can include this all in your confirmation email to avoid unnecessary phone calls and confusion as guests arrive.

Organize your employee’s schedules

Your festival likely needs a lot of personnel to make it run smoothly. Parking attendants, check-in associates, nature walk guides, and more will all have an important role to play in your fall festival. 

You can set up custom calendars using filters in the FareHarbor Dashboard for each individual employee. Then, they can see at a glance when they are working as well as which position they have that day. You can save this view and set it as the default for each one of your employees. 

Leverage local partnerships

Your festival may already have partnerships with local businesses to host a booth or provide other assets. Of course, this makes it a more inclusive community event. FareHarbor has a program that helps you work with local businesses during your festival and beyond. 

Use the FareHarbor Distribution Center (FHDN) to make connections

The FHDN is a program that partners your company with other local businesses. You are able to resell other tours and activities, have yours resold, or do both!

This can be a great way to get the word out about your festival and get extra bookings. It can also be a way for you to make more money during your slow season by selling non-seasonal tours and activities in your area. 

FareHarbor is made to help any kind of business thrive, no matter the type of tour, activity, or attraction. As you plan your next fall festival, consider all the ways we can help you succeed! 

The Top 3 Takeaways from Spark 2021, Our Biggest Event Ever

Spark 2021 was our biggest event ever, and we are still absorbing the fascinating information from each session as well as the great feedback and reviews from our attendees. The fully remote conference took place on October 25th, 2021 where over one thousand tour and activity operators joined us for the immersive learning experience designed to get them re-inspired by the magic of the tourism industry. 

We were thrilled to expand Spark into 3 events this year, with each one starting in a different time zone. Seventy countries were represented for a full day of learning, networking, and growing. 

Spark left us feeling hopeful and determined to get our clients on the road back to normalcy. We have learned a lot in the past two years, living through the pandemic, and we wanted to share our main takeaways from the conference so you can apply them to your business as we move forward!

1. Google is one of the key ways to give stability and success for your business

It’s no secret that Google can help your business succeed in many different ways, especially when you’re aware of their latestproducts and updates. Over 92% of internet users prefer Google as their search engine (Statista) and 83% of people prefer to book online (Condor), so optimizing your online presence on Google and studying the data it provides will lead to more bookings. 

We’re sure you heard Google products mentioned throughout Spark. This search engine is constantly improving its reporting, algorithms, advertising, and more, which are all helpful to bettering your tour or activity company. We’re taking a closer look at how Google My Business (GMB), Google Analytics, and Things to do can help your company.


We cannot stress enough how important your GMB is. That’s why one of our Rapid Sessions was completely dedicated to this platform: Playing Google’s Game: Turn Locals into Loyalists. Verifying your listing, adding quality photos, and gaining good reviews are all aspects of your GMB that will help you increase sales. 

Having an up to date GMB listing with recent, positive reviews helps you create trust with potential customers as well as increase your SEO ranking factors. Did you know that 93% of consumers say that online reviews influence their purchase decisions (Qualtrics)? Your GMB may be a first impression, so great reviews are vital. Responding to each review is another way to gain credit with those potential customers. According to Trustpilot, 89% of consumers read business’ responses to reviews so this is another great tactic to increase conversions. 

Google Anayltics

As always, using data to make informed decisions about your business is crucial for success. This is where Google Analytics can come into play. Our industry experts highlighted the importance of how analyzing your data can maximize your conversions. Google Analytics identifies your consumer behavior, which you can then use to optimize both your website and your FareHarbor Dashboard.  

Things to do

Be on the lookout for Google’s newest product – Things to do – and leverage it to increase exposure and bookings. We were lucky to hear from Simon Lini, Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google Travel, as our Keynote Speaker this year. He discussed what the product looks like at the moment and how tour and activity operators can use it. 

“I want to share Google’s goal for Things to do, ‘Being a trusted source for travelers to explore, decide and do the things that interest them in a destination’. To achieve this, we need to have panel selection, servicing your adventure in Google, offering driving referrals and bookings to your sites.”

– Simone Lini, Google Travel

2. The key to more bookings is optimization

Another theme we saw throughout Spark was an emphasis on evaluating your offerings and business model with informed decision making. Keep what works, get rid of what does not, and use optimization strategies in all areas of your business. 

Optimize Your Offerings

During the Keep it Simple session we learned that customers with more choices are 10% less likely to buy (Keepitusable). Consider canceling your least popular offerings and focus on those that are most compelling to your target demographic. Too many activity options can create confusion for customers, leading them to choose a competitor. We found that companies with fewer offerings saw 17% more sales in 2020! This tactic can lead to higher revenue, with the opportunity for less costs for your business. 

Optimize Your Book Form

A messy book form can also cause a decrease in conversions, which was mentioned during Your Data Your Way. A book form with too many required fields, or unclear questions will cause confusion and many potential customers will leave your site — especially if they are trying to book during non-business hours and cannot reach an associate. According to the Braynard Institute, 20% of online shoppers abandon checkout due to a long/complicated checkout process. Remember, less is more — remove any fields in your book form with information that does not need to be known right away

Optimize Your Booking Flow

Finally, we saw during Minimum Effort, Maximum Result all the positive changes that can come from optimizing both your booking flow and your mobile site. Similar to your book form, your booking flow should be clear and concise. Highlight your most popular activities with bigger pictures and segment offerings that are similar to ensure the page is not overwhelming. In a FareHarbor case study, a business with an optimized booking flow saw a 7% increase in conversions. 

Optimize You Mobile Site

Having a user-friendly mobile-site is arguably the most important aspect to your optimization strategy. We found that 82% of online bookings on FareHarbor come through mobile. Your mobile site should be a seamless process for your customers. Site speed, content structure, and no pop-ups are all a part of this. In another FarHarbor case study, one business saw a 97% increase in conversion rate after optimizing their mobile site.  

“I’m really excited to continue to help build the foundation and give our operators the tools that they can use to grow their business and honestly help more people experience all the amazing things in the world.”

– Mark Loh, Fareharbor Chief Product Officer

3. Focusing on your local community is key during COVID recovery

Like last year’s Spark takeaways, a need for a local strategy is here to stay. Not only will this add to your business’s success during the pandemic, but it will also help fuel your entire community. As the country began to open up, many people were still nervous about traveling far from home. Due to this, the search terms “near me” and “close by” grew 200% over 2 years (Hubspot).

As mentioned earlier, verifying and updating your GMB helps bring in local sales. You can also utilize your Google Ads to focus more on your local strategy by setting a specific location or changing your keywords. The session School’s Out reminded tour operators to stay on top of your local schools’ break schedules so you can be prepared to capitalize on those times. Thinking proactively about winter break, spring break, and other vacations can land your business on local families’ lists of things to do. Luckily, many people have already realized the importance of the businesses in their local communities, and over the past year searches for “support local businesses” have increased by 20,000% (Hubspot)! 

We heard during the Niche Tourism Roundtable how your business benefits from offering ecotourism, voluntourism, or sustainable tourism tours or activities. Just adding one offering that falls into one of those categories will help you stand out from competitors as well as support the community around you. During COVID and in years to come, it’s important to keep a focus on your town or city to help your communities thrive. 

Looking ahead…

We are thrilled with what we learned from Spark 2021 and we hope you are too! We received quite a few requests for an in-person event next year, and we hope that is possible depending on the state of the pandemic. In the meantime, take what you learned from Spark and apply it to your business in the new year. 

We have 940 minutes of content from the event that will all be available by January of 2022. Enjoy, absorb, and we will see you next year!

New From FareHarbor: The Seating Assignment Solutions You’ve Been Waiting For!

FareHarbor’s latest feature offers flexible seating assignment solutions to fit your operation’s unique needs. Build and integrate seat maps for dinner shows, river cruises, axe-throwing lanes, and anything in between!

This highly-customizable feature works seamlessly with the rest of your FareHarbor Dashboard, allowing you to better manage customers’ assigned locations within your bookable space. You’ll provide a seamless booking experience for your customers and enjoy simplified seat reservation-management for you and your staff! 

In need of support for COVID-safe activities? This feature is perfect for setting up private parties and maintaining other social-distancing protocols.

This feature is great for:

  • Visualizing and breaking out large venues or bookable spaces with multiple ticket types or pricing tiers.
  • Operators that want to save time with robust auto-assignment options. After automatically seating a party, you can always fine-tune and adjust their assignments as needed.
  • Tours or events that need a way to manage private sections or maintain social distancing measures for COVID-safe activities. Block out seats and use exclusive seating groups to ensure you’re never overbooked.

Wondering what else you can do with this new feature? Let’s chat! We’ll work with you to create custom seat maps and set your pricing and capacity requirements. Learn more in our Help Center or contact FareHarbor Support to get started.

Streamline Business Operations Through Your FareHarbor Dashboard

FareHarbor announces new partnership with Zapier

We are excited to announce a new integration with Zapier, an automation tool that enables the transfer of information from one platform to another, and offers integrations with hundreds of third-party applications. 

You can connect Zapier with your FareHarbor Dashboard to automate tasks between some of your most commonly used apps and streamline your operations. Some examples of this include:

  • Create and update contacts in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, such as Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, etc.
  • Push new customer or subscriber information into your marketing or email platform, like MailChimp or Constant Contact 
  • Transfer new FareHarbor bookings into a Google Sheet for data management or list segmentation
  • Integrate with invoicing systems such as Xero or Zoho 

With 2,000+ supported third-party apps, the possibilities are endless! 

For existing clients, integrating your FareHarbor Dashboard with Zapier is a quick and easy process. All you need to do is create a Zapier API key through FareHarbor. You can find a step-by-step guide through our Help Center.  

If you’re new to FareHarbor, please reach out to us to learn more about Zapier as an automation tool and schedule a demo request.

FareHarbor Partners with Reserve with Google

Our distribution network just got an exciting new addition! We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Reserve with Google to make your tours bookable on Google Search, Maps, and the Reserve with Google website.

What is Reserve with Google?

Reserve with Google allows users to buy tickets for tours, activities and attractions directly from the Google Search, Maps and the Reserve with Google platforms.

With the new API integration between FareHarbor and Reserve with Google, you can add a book button to your Google listing to sell your activities with live, real-time availability. Any bookings will flow directly into your FareHarbor Dashboard; no added work necessary!

Reserve with Google

Why are we so excited about this partnership?

The connection between FareHarbor and Reserve with Google makes it easier than ever for your customers to move from researching to booking an activity, which means nothing but good things for your business.

  • Gain exposure to new customers as they browse Google Search, Maps and the Reserve with Google platforms.
  • Offer your tours, activities and attractions in live, real-time availability directly from the Google platforms.
  • New bookings flow seamlessly into your FareHarbor Dashboard, including availability, customer information and payment.
  • Reserve with Google bookings are commission-free!

How can I get my business listed on Reserve with Google?

If you’re a FareHarbor client, you’re already halfway there! This booking capability is available (and free!) to anyone on FareHarbor. Just get in touch with our Support team if you’re interested in learning more.

The only other requirement is that your business is registered on Google. Registering your business on Google is both a really simple process, and a smart move for any business looking to gain exposure to online customers.

Great for both your customers and ours, this partnership is something we can all get excited about. We can’t wait to see how Reserve with Google helps you grow!

If you’re not already on FareHarbor and are interested in learning more, please get in touch with our team.

FareHarbor In Australia + Canada

It’s time we make it official. We’re happy to publicly announce the launch of FareHarbor in Australia and Canada!

After five years of growing our network in the US, we’re ready to show the world what we have to offer. We’re expanding our platform to accommodate more currencies, languages and time zones, so tour & activity providers all around the globe can join the FareHarbor family.

Let’s talk details. In addition to our standard pricing model, tour and activity providers in Canada and Australia will have access to our full suite of services. That includes our iOS app, global network of third-party distributors, recent releases like Sonar and item colors and essential features like advanced reporting, Google Analytics tracking and more.

Clients in Canada and Australia will also receive the same high standard of support, with personalized trainings, reservation transfers and customized Dashboard builds in addition to our friendly and dependable 24/7 helpline.

Our list of international companies is already growing quickly – and this is just the beginning! Stay tuned to see where else we’re popping up around the globe.

For more info on FareHarbor in your country, get in touch or email us at

AUS Support: 1 (800) 794 228
CAN Support: (855) 495-5551

All About Support: Insights And Advice From The Team

We have a surprise: we’ve given our online support pages a makeover! Say hello to the brand new FareHarbor Help Center. There’s a fresh homepage, a smart prediction search bar, a new ticket submission form and so much more! (Go ahead and bookmark that page now – we know you’re gonna love it.)

To celebrate, we’re putting the spotlight on the heart of FareHarbor – the Support team! See what it’s like working in the Denver office, what the team’s favorite features are and the questions they get asked most often.

What do you like most about working at FareHarbor’s Denver office?

“Denver is a great city to live and work in. There are so many great opportunities to get outside and go adventuring. It helps for us to share the values of our clients and coworkers.”
– Elle

“We interface with the majority of the FareHarbor departments since we are all under one roof! Oh, and tacos. Denver has great tacos.” – Carolyn

“I love that most people are really supportive and try to ensure employees have opportunities to learn new skills and take on different roles. I learn something new everyday that blows my mind and keeps me on my toes. It’s honestly the most exciting environment to ever work in!”
– Crystal

“Friendly folks, beer Fridays, location.”
– Seth

“Denver is amazing with the mountains and weather and the people here are laid back and willing to work hard even if it is with a beer in their hand.”
– Rachel

“The co-workers!”
– James

“I love that it is very team oriented and things are always changing.”
– Nicole

What’s your favorite feature on the Dashboard?

“My favorite feature is Reports. I love the potential to unlock projections and export to Excel. And now that we can easily group information in Reports, we can even show companies how to compare their most successful times of day and days of the week for each tour.” – Crystal

“Logic! Conditional custom fields make for very pretty book forms.”
– Carolyn

– Seth

“Logic! The ability to have conditional custom fields is a lifesaver for a lot of companies.”
– Rachel

“Logic, custom calendars and Reports.”
– James

“I really like our Advanced Reports.”
– Nicole

“I just discovered that you can create multiple time-slots at the same time in the availability creator and I am pretty excited about that – we used to have to build one time slot at a time, so it’s a big time saver!”
– Elle

What’s the most common question you get about the Dashboard?

Working 24/7, 365 days a year, the Support team sees a lot of questions. Here are the ones that pop up most often (Tip: click the link to see the answer in the Help Center).

Tips from the people who know FareHarbor best.

“Less is more! Increase your booking conversions by making your book form short and sweet. And if you are ever unsure about how to go about that, our support team has some great tips!”
– Carolyn

“My greatest tip is to check our snazzy help center and take time going over the help videos.”
– Crystal

“Spend the time to get to know your Dashboard. The customizable abilities of the Dashboard still blow me away! Every company can have an entirely unique setup to help their business grow in a way that is best for them.”
– Rachel

“Learning to “own” your dashboard is a great skill – feel free to ask questions if anything doesn’t make sense!”
– James

“Don’t underestimate how much you can learn from the Help Center. There’s SO much info in there.”
– Seth

“Bring a notebook to your initial training. There’s so much information that’s taught all at once, it really helps to have a few notes to help you remember.”
– Nicole

“Every company is so unique, and each of your setups in FareHarbor are unique to you – when we ask questions it is because we are trying to learn what will work best for your distinct setup. Keep that in mind!”
– Elle