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FareHarbor Expands Its Services to Six More European Countries

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FareHarbor Supports Tourism in Europe with Continued Expansion

We are excited to announce our continued expansion within Europe by extending our services to clients in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, and Romania.

FareHarbor began its rollout into Europe in 2018, and in the years since we have been committed to growth in the region, worked with our clients to grow their businesses, and boosted the tourism industry. Europe is home to many of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting everyone from the luxury traveler to the backpacker looking to explore off the beaten path. 

Tourism plays a major role in Europe’s economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the tourism industry all over the world, and this is why it’s more important than ever to help our clients succeed. FareHarbor has worked tirelessly to help businesses mitigate the economic effects of the pandemic by finding new sources of revenue and thinking creatively about what they can provide to their communities. 

Through our expansion into these six new countries, we will work with local businesses to reach a wider global audience and streamline the online booking process for their customers.

To learn more about how to get started with FareHarbor, please contact our team or reach out to our support team at +31 30 249 2017.

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