Faces of FareHarbor

Behind the Scenes: FareHarbor Employee Interviews

Get to know a few of our FareHarbor ‘Ohana all-stars! Our team is packed with skilled, passionate employees all working toward the same goal — to make experiences better for everyone. of bettering the lives of our clients and helping their businesses thrive. 

Read on for a few exclusive FareHarbor employee interviews from people across offices and teams to learn exactly what it’s like to be a part of the team. (And don’t forget to take a look at all open positions!)

Mickey Menhart

Training & Operations Coordinator, Sydney

Tell us about yourself and where you are from.

I currently live in Sydney. I enjoy surrounding myself in the things that bring me joy — weightlifting, food, the beach and snow, animals, travel and culture, and love!

What is your favorite experience while working at FareHarbor?

Meeting all the new employees and leading the new hire training. Each team member we bring on adds immense value, not only within their specific role but in adding to the amazing work culture of the Sydney O’hana!

What is the most challenging part of your position? Most rewarding?

The most challenging part of my position is being a part of two teams. But, it does make it interesting because no day is exactly the same! 

The most rewarding part of my job is watching the new employee’s faces when they do well. And though this may be sad, when I don’t hear from them on their first day of moving to their departments, I know I’ve done my job to make them feel prepared!

Why do you like working at FareHarbor?

FareHarbor has taught me so much about the professional world in the most relaxed and supportive way. If someone was considering FareHarbor for their next career move I would say, “Have you sent the application yet?!”.

Belmin Mustajbasic

Software Engineer, Amsterdam

Tell us about yourself and where you are from.

I am originally from Tesanj (Bosnia and Herzegovina), but I currently live in the heart of Amsterdam.

Growing up I had many hobbies, but one stuck with me forever — photography. I collect, restore, and take pictures with film cameras. I also develop and scan the film myself, which I occasionally post on my Instagram (@mbelmin)!

How has FareHarbor helped you grow as an engineer?

FareHarbor has allowed me to focus on the areas of engineering I am truly interested in. I am encouraged to try, research, and implement various things that have a big impact on various stakeholders: engineers, our clients, and their customers.

What is the best part about your position?

I believe that my opinion is valued and has an impact on the overall direction the product takes. I love that I have been able to grow my knowledge as an engineer in the areas I care most about.

How What is your favorite FareHarbor core value and why?

Embrace the Challenge — If we don’t challenge ourselves we do not grow.

Kendra Clark

Junior Graphic Designer, Denver

Tell us about yourself and where you are from.

I was born and raised in the small town of Chico, California. That is the only place I had ever lived until I moved to Denver. I have a brilliant older brother, loving and very nurturing mother, and a hilarious dad who could have been on SNL. 

I love reading, watching TV or movies, and anything that involves food!

How would you describe the culture at FareHarbor?

One of my favorite parts about working at FareHarbor is the coworkers I have met and the culture overall. It is fast-paced and energetic. Everyone wants you to succeed and is always willing to help when you need it.

What is your favorite part of being a graphic designer for FareHarbor?

I love working on social media and flexing my creative muscles to keep our grid looking great. I work with a lot of different people on my team and throughout the company, so it’s been really fun to work on projects that involve coworkers I wouldn’t normally see on a daily basis. 

I recently worked on making new stickers for FareHarbor. It was very fun to design for a project that didn’t have specific guidelines, so I was able to be really creative — which is the best aspect of my job. 

What tour or activity would you like to try?

I would love to go on a food tour. Either that or a wine tour, both would be excellent!

We hope you enjoyed getting an inside look from a few members of the devoted FareHarbor staff. We’re hiring across offices and teams, check out our open positions!


Employees Share 4 Ways They Practice Work-Life Balance

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month in the U.S., we asked FareHarbor employees to share the ways they prioritize a healthy work-life balance. 

Here’s what they had to say about the importance of mental health and four FareHarbor programs that make a positive impact. 

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Wellbeing Wednesdays is a global FareHarbor initiative that encourages employees across offices to practice mindfulness. 

Twice a month, Candice Vallier, the Global Project People Manager, shares content and resources about wellbeing and mental health. 

For the most recent Wellbeing Wednesday, she encouraged employees to explore gardening. This activity relieves stress by reducing cortisol levels and helping people stay active. 

Candice offered videos to get started, such as 4 steps to start a small balcony vegetable garden and how to repot a plant. Other Wellbeing Wednesdays have touched on topics like sleep, stretching and yoga, and social health.

Wellbeing Wednesdays Advocate: Candice Vallier

Global Project People Manager • Amsterdam

“It can sometimes be difficult to separate personal struggles from the workplace which is why it is important for us to have an environment that supports our employees’ wellness. I love seeing employees come together to focus on their health and learn from each other.”

FareHarbor Cares

FareHarbor Cares strives to create a lasting positive impact through volunteer events that support the local community with strategic planning and active participation by employees.

From day one, every employee is given eight work hours annually to volunteer with FareHarbor Cares.

Past opportunities have included trail and park cleanups, community gardening and wrapping Christmas presents for deserving children.

FareHarbor Cares Advocate: Stephanie Schwartz

Account Management Team Lead • Denver

“Serving on the FareHarbor Cares team has been such a special part of my time at FareHarbor! While our team works together to bring the best to our clients, volunteering through FareHarbor Cares allows us to bring that same passion into our communities.”


Discover is FareHarbor and’s learning portal that gives employees access to professional and personal development lessons. 

Whether employees want to improve their public speaking skills ahead of FareHarbor Spark or watch a masterclass on how to set and sustain healthy habits, Discover’s options are endless. 

Discover also grants employees access to continuing education resources like Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning. A win-win for everyone!

Discover Advocate: Natasha Raikar

Training and Development Specialist • Denver

“The Discover platform has allowed me to take an active role in my learning and has given me the opportunity to accelerate my development both personally and professionally. The skills and knowledge that I have gained through Discover have made me a better employee and teammate. Most of all, it has gotten me excited to keep learning and improving myself!”


All FareHarbor employees are provided with a  free membership to Headspace, a mobile app with thousands of guided meditations, exercises, and sleep content across 12 categories. 

Headspace content teaches mindfulness, sleep improvement, work productivity, and more. With courses that range from 1-30 minutes, users can take a short break or enjoy a longer session.

Headspace Advocate: Valeria Gawronski

HR Advisor • Amsterdam

“Headspace [helps] calm [my] mind and manage [my] anxiety every time I use one of its meditation or sleep casts. I am an advocate for the app, making sure all new hires are aware of this awesome benefit we have and how impactful it can be to incorporate meditation in your daily life.”

FareHarbor employees certainly have a full toolkit when it comes to practicing a healthy work-life balance. These four benefits are a small part of the overall employee experience at FareHarbor. Take a closer look at the new hire training program. 

Built In Recognizes FareHarbor as a 2022 Top Workplace

We’re excited to announce that FareHarbor  was named one of the 100 Best Large Companies to Work For in Colorado by Built In. 

The annual awards program includes companies of all sizes, from startups to those in the enterprise, and honors both remote-first employers as well as companies in the eight largest tech markets across the U.S.

Built In not only considers a company’s compensation, benefits and companywide programming but they also weigh things like flexible work environment, programs for DEI and other people first cultural offerings.

“Receiving this award is exciting for so many reasons, but above all, it’s a testament to how incredible our employees are,” says Ellie Bohjalian, Global Recruitment Lead. “FareHarbor’s commitment to our clients, our product, and our industry would not be possible without the dedication and passion that each of our team members shows every day.

It’s an honor to be recognized by Built In, but what is even more important is getting feedback from our employees, too, so we’ve asked team members why they think FareHarbor is a top place to work.”

Peyton Farmer | Senior Account Executive, Needham

“I love FareHarbor because we get to spread the joy of travel by making it easier for customers to book online. I chat with incredible operators in the excursion industry and help brainstorm how to streamline their business. Not to mention working with awesome people who have a passion for travel and living life to the fullest. Who wouldn’t love that?!”

Cindy Versteeg | Senior Client Onboard Specialist, Amsterdam

“My favourite part of the job is that every day is different. You never know what kind of client you’ll get to work with and what their story is. That’s what makes the job challenging and interesting. [I also] work with so many different nationalities and there are a lot of growth opportunities.”

Alex Lewin | API Tech Lead, San Francisco 

“What’s unique about the FH product team is that we take the time to do things right, rather than doing them as quickly as possible and then having to go back and clean up messes. It is more satisfying, less stressful, and creates less friction among the team members.”

Renato Di Ciano | Technical Support Specialist, Denver

“FareHarbor is the best place I’ve ever worked at. I am talking about an awesome life/work balance, fantastic teammates, [and] managers who know how to help you get to the next level in pretty much anything you want to do. I’ve been with the company for well over a year now and I just keep loving it. This is a great place for anyone who likes interacting with other people.”

Magalí Holotiuk | Small Business Account Manager, Amsterdam

“After three years at FareHarbor, I can positively say that the two most important things that make [the company] a top workplace are the people who make you feel welcome since the first day, not only offering help every step of the way but also encouraging you to grow and express your own ideas; and the great international environment where you can always be yourself and learn from each other’s cultures to enrich your own ways to see the world.”


We couldn’t agree more! If you’d like to become a member of our quickly growing team, we are looking for awesome people across teams in all of our offices worldwide. View all open positions.

Faces Of FareHarbor: Jess

Meet Jess Pashos!

Jess Pashos

A FareHarbor veteran, Jess was one of the first people to join our Sales team in Needham, MA. Now the VP of Sales Operations in our Amsterdam office, she’s bringing the best of FareHarbor to our friends in Europe. If you partner with FareHarbor, it’s likely Jess has been involved in your go-live in one way or the other. Let’s get to know her!

You just moved to Europe! What’s been your top place to visit so far?

Well, Amsterdam has been amazing. One morning, I woke up at 5am and biked to the I Amsterdam sign before the crowds got there. I watched the sunrise and took some cool pictures of the sign and the Rijksmuseum. I’ve also had some fun trips to other cool cities in the Netherlands.

Outside of the Netherlands, I went to Stavanger, Norway for a long weekend and did some awesome hikes. It is so beautiful there, I cannot wait to go back!

What do you miss most about the Boston area?

Besides all of the rippers in our Needham office and my family and friends, the Red Sox have had an incredible season, and I used to be able to make it to quite a few games at Fenway as I’ve always lived so close to the city.

I think I’ll miss the enthusiasm in the Boston area during all games (baseball, hockey, football, etc) the most.

What’s next on your tour/activity bucket list?

My dad has a work trip in London in a few weeks so he is coming a weekend early. We are meeting in Scotland and hiking the Cairngorms 4000s loop. 21 miles total! And we will hit 5 of the highest peaks in Scotland.

I have a long bucket list though, and as the list of companies that we partner with in the EU grows, that list gets longer and longer!

We have been out with a few of our local clients already including Flagship Cruises and Walks of Europe. We had an amazing time. And when we all first arrived, we immediately got bikes from one of our first live EU companies – Mike’s Bike Tours!

What’s been the most surprising difference about life in Amsterdam?

The same day that I got on the plane to Amsterdam, I sold my car. I knew that things would be different without it, but I have been pleasantly surprised!

We are able to bike everywhere and transportation is super easy, even to surrounding towns and internationally. I thought that I would miss the freedom that a car can but things have been smooth sailing!

You’ve been at FareHarbor for a while. What about this place makes you want to stick around?

The people! I get excited coming to work every single day. What’s even cooler is that our Amsterdam office is bringing together employees from our Boston, Denver and soon, San Francisco offices.

Even though some employees had not met in person before, it felt as if we were one big family right off of the bat. As we start to welcome our first EU hires, everyone just fits right in. Being around so many awesome people with different backgrounds and the same big picture goals makes it a lot of fun to come to work each day.

Not to mention that we work with the coolest clients ever and have the industry-leading product… I could go on and on!

Describe your job at FareHarbor in three words.

Different every day!

How Chardonnay Sailing Charters Makes The Most Of FareHarbor

When it comes to FareHarbor, online booking software is just the tip of the iceberg.

We understand that a ‘booking’ is really just another word for ‘customer’, and customers are the lifeline of any tour and activity business.

And while the customer experience might start with an online booking, there’s still a lot that needs to happen before the experience is complete. We’re here to help with that part too.

For example, communicating with your customer about where to meet or what to bring, quickly checking in big groups or multiple activities and staying organized so you can focus on what you do best – providing a memorable experience.

To give you a better idea of how an online booking software can be more of an everything software, we spoke to our friends at Chardonnay Sailing Charters. Each department at Chardonnay uses FareHarbor in their day-to-day workflow and each of them in an entirely different way.

Office Manager on reporting

FareHarbor’s customizable reporting section has drastically cut down the amount of time I spend on reconciling our income on a daily and monthly basis. Having all of our company’s financial reporting readily available within any given search range has been extremely beneficial within many aspects of accounting. I couldn’t be happier with the reporting options that FareHarbor provides.”

  • Allison Green, Office Manager

Vessel Manager on scheduling maintenance

“Having access to our online sailing schedule has made it much easier for me to plan out when our vessels are available for maintenance. Prior to using FareHarbor, I would need to touch base with office staff on a daily basis to check in on boat availability. Now I can schedule my maintenance team in the click of a button.

  • Adam Koch, Vessel Manager

Operations Manager on managing crew schedules

“Before FareHarbor, I would have to go through a paper copy of our monthly sailing schedule and pencil in crew members for each day, then give each crew member a paper copy of their schedule. Since our schedule is always changing, it was very challenging to keep the crew updated on all of the changes to their schedules on a day to day basis.

Now with FareHarbor, I am able to see a digital copy of each month’s sailing schedule and enter in crew with a click of a button. The best part about making the switch to FareHarbor is that our crew members now have 24/7 access to their schedules on any device and can see any changes in real time. I enjoy how efficient and dependable FareHarbor’s customer service department is when you need them.”

  • Courtney Scruggs, Operations Manager

Website Design Manager on customization

“I absolutely love how customizable FareHarbor is! Our old system would not allow us to customize anything. It was a cookie-cutter template, and did not allow our company to run as efficiently as it could because we were having to work around our reservation system.

Now with FareHarbor, we can customize the booking software to fit our company, and not have to customize our company fit a software that wasn’t made for it.

  • Breanna Stremple, Website Design and Maintenance

Anonymous customer on online booking

“With the introduction of the new booking system, I have noticed that buying tickets and even gift certificates, has gotten much easier. I now can buy my family gift certificates through their online purchasing system and I don’t even need to call their office anymore. It is quick and very easy!”

From the first click on your website to the final reports of the year, FareHarbor can help with it all. Curious about what else we offer? We’d love to show you!

Faces of FareHarbor: Gabby

Gabby Quarantiello: Director of Account Management


Meet Gabby. Originally from Boston, Gabby leads the Account Management team at our Denver HQ. That means she’s part of the awesome group of people that works directly with live clients to optimize and grow their business. If you’re lucky enough to work with Gabby, make sure to ask her about lobster fishing. (She’s basically a pro.)

What are you usually doing when you’re not at work? Hopefully skiing, hiking, or somewhere in the mountains! If I’m lucky I’m pulling lobster traps on the east coast in the summer.

What’s your favorite spot in Colorado? That is super tough! Every time I get to drive into the Rockies I can’t stop saying “It’s so pretty!” If I had to choose, I’d say Estes Park or Steamboat takes the gold.

What’s next on your tour/activity bucket list? Pipe dream is going on a Safari in Kenya/Tanzania. Maybe throw in a hike at Kilimanjaro but will need to train for that!

What’s your most memorable FareHarbor moment? Too many to count! If I had to choose I would say the most memorable and defining moment was getting to move to Key West to help out the transition process for a new client going live in 2015. I was fortunate to start the trip with a group of 5 others and really got to witness for the first time the DWIFT attitude spread across all the FareHarbor offices.

What makes FareHarbor different from other companies? The people and our clients. Not only is everyone who works for the company great but our customers are probably the best group of people you could ever ask to work with.

Each operator has their own unique story to share. It’s pretty fun getting to work with people who stopped what they were doing to pursue something they love.

Describe your job at FareHarbor in three words. Invigorating, Challenging, Rewarding!

Faces of FareHarbor: Jane

Jane Feiereisel: Director of Customer Support

Jane Feiereisel

This is Jane. She hails from Chicago but has been a proud Coloradan for 8 years now (Go Buffs!). She loves the outdoors, but her real happiness comes from the company of anything furry and with a tail. Other serious passions include biking, ice cream, and managing the best customer support team in the industry!

What do you love to do when you’re not at work? Exploring the Denver restaurant scene or getting out to the mountains, whether I’m hiking, biking, camping, or snowboarding. If I’m not doing that, you’ll find me planning my next trip!

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken? The best vacation I ever took was my most recent one to Colombia. Everything about that country is amazing- the people, the food, the diverse geography. It is still relatively undiscovered by tourists so there is an amazing opportunity to get a genuine sense of their culture, and how their history has shaped the country today. I’m happy to make recommendations next time you get me on a support call. :)

Describe your perfect pizza. I’m not sure I’ve ever met a pizza that wasn’t perfect! I love pizza, and would be happy if it was the only thing I ever ate. The most perfect pizza I’ve ever had though is my brother’s homemade deep dish Chicago style pizza. Cheese please!

What makes FareHarbor different from any other company you’ve worked at? The team! I’m so lucky to be surrounded by the smartest, most dedicated team in the industry. Whether we’re pulling all nighters to get a new company live or sending boxes of cookies to our clients, we’re always looking to go above and beyond for each other and our clients.

The energy around our office on a daily basis is unreal; we all love what we’re doing and want to share that with our clients.

What’s your favorite FareHarbor stoke story? For me it’s the positive feedback we hear from clients everyday that gets me the most stoked on FareHarbor. I love when clients tell me that FareHarbor has grown their business, or that they’re able to spend time out and about because they’re not tied to the phone all day taking reservations.

Describe your job at FareHarbor in three four words. Can’t stop won’t stop!

8,000 Feet Above With Reno Tahoe Helicopters

A visit to their office is a full sensory experience. You’ve got the crisp scent of pines, the brisk mountain air, still calm of the winter morning – and then of course, there’s the booming Italian ballads. Trust us. It’s surprisingly fitting.

Reno Tahoe Helicopters_FareHarbor

Owned and operated by Claudio Bellotto, an ex-Italian Air Force pilot and senior cruise ship officer with an epic sense of humor, Reno Tahoe Helicopters offers a lot more than just a view from 8,000 feet above. Eleven years ago, when Claudio first came to South Lake Tahoe, he found the only viable option for viewing the famous Lake was with two feet on the ground. So he bought a helicopter and some office space at the Lake Tahoe Airport, and opened the doors of Reno Tahoe Helicopters.

Reno Tahoe Helicopters_Lake Tahoe Airport

Today, while Claudio and his team, fellow pilots Clint and Carl, operate tours on a daily basis, the business has grown into a one-stop shop for all of South Lake Tahoe’s aerial needs. They’ve been chartered for everything from helicopter skiing and aerial marksmanship training, to filming documentaries with National Geographic. Scouting missions for wildlife and lost persons also frequent their schedule, as well as the occasional wedding proposal. (They’re running a 100% success rate for “I do’s,” if you’re in the market.) For passengers that aspire to become pilots, they also run the Altitude Helicopter Academy, a full service pilot school that specializes in high altitude and mountain proficient training. The intro into Italian opera course is included at no extra charge.

Reno Tahoe Helicopters_FareHarbor_South Lake Tahoe

On our visit, we talked business with Clint and Claudio until they couldn’t resist sharing some of their favorite views. After a quick fuel check, we were on our way to meeting everyone’s favorite member of the family, the Robinson R44 Raven II.

Outfitted for three passengers and a pilot, the aircraft offered panoramic views from every seat. As we buckled up and slipped on the craft’s noise cancelling headphones, Clint began smoothly flipping switches and radioing out calls before gently lifting the helicopter off the ground. In seconds we were gliding through the mountainscape, heading towards the lake’s crown jewel – Emerald Bay.

Reno Tahoe Helicopters_FareHarbor_Lake Tahoe

When we hit 8,000 feet, the knowledge started pouring out. Clint talked us through the lake’s history, pointing out sites like Fallen Leaf Lake with it’s live, underwater forest, and the stone Tea House of Fannette Island. We peppered him with questions, while he joked about the questions passengers asked, and reflected on the challenges of running a business affected by seasonality. All the while, he never missed a beat, seamlessly navigating over the lake and past the peaks of Mount Tallac.

When it finally came time to go, we were on the verge of signing up for the academy ourselves – partially so we could get back in the sky, but mostly so we could hang with Clint and Claudio again.

Thanks for being a part of the FareHarbor family!

Shark Encounters With Island View Hawai’i

“Whatever you do, don’t panic. They feed off your energy.” I smiled and nodded, silently lamenting that this was probably easier said than done. Don’t panic. They’ve been doing this for years. In fact, long before they started offering cage free shark encounters to curious tourists, sharing the water with sharks was just a simple family tradition. Island View Hawaii

It all began when Kaiwi, the current manager of Island View Hawai’i, would go crab fishing with his grandfather off Oahu’s North Shore. When they’d switch the old bait for new, sharks would swarm the boat, looking for a free snack. The sharks learned to associate the boat with an easy meal, and quickly began following their rig on its trips out to sea. By the time Kaiwi turned 10, he was in the water with sharks on a daily basis.

For Kaiwi and his family, swimming with sharks has never been a threat, stunt or novelty – it’s a way of life. Originally, the idea was incredibly taboo. The culture of fear around sharks and surfing made the idea of swimming with them seem like a death wish. But they knew differently. Kaiwi began to take his friends out into the open ocean, introducing them to the placid grace of the animals as they glide through the deep blue. Slowly but surely, the environment of fear began to give way to respect.

Eventually, an old family tradition transformed into Island View Hawai’i, one of the first shark tours on the North Shorth. Which is exactly how I ended up on their boat, cruising out of Hale’iwa Harbor en route for open water.

It was my turn to learn to respect, rather than fear, Hawaii’s sharks. And as we rode along, learning the ins and outs of swimming with sharks, I became distinctly aware that I hadn’t yet reached the stage of fearlessness.

We were instructed to get in the water quickly, dive off the boat’s edge and follow our guide, Kaiwi’s father, to a comfortable position about 20 feet from the boat. Advised to stay close to our guide – an instruction I was more than happy to follow – we were to do the (unfortunately named) “dead man’s float,” always keeping our guide as a barrier between ourselves and the boat.

I quickly propelled myself towards our guide, nervous, anxious and excited for my first sighting. It came quickly. Over twenty Sandbar sharks moved through the azure below, weaving gracefully through the water, darting curiously towards the boat and rising silently towards our group for a timid encounter. Everything that I’d feared melted away instantaneously as I became mesmerized by their form, their beauty and their calm and steady motion. Albeit these were smaller sharks, not the Hammerheads or Tiger sharks that commonly come to visit, it was clear there was nothing to fear.

It’s far different seeing the animals in their own habitat, rather than imagining haunting scenes from atop a bobbing surfboard. You realize that despite being powerful creatures, they’re in no way inclined towards mindless destruction. And they deserve your respect, not your fear.

After the tour, when I asked Kaiwi what the best part of his job was, he immediately exclaimed that it’s the opportunity to show others the beauty of the island, introduce them to its natural inhabitants and to see the change in people’s perceptions. When it comes to my experience, Island View Hawai’i definitely earned a mission complete.

Sitting Down With Surf N Sea

Everyone on the North Shore knows the iconic yellow building neighboring Haleiwa’s “Rainbow Surf N Sea North Shore Bridge.” And for good reason. Originally a 1920’s general store stocked with dry goods and fishing supplies, the Surf N Sea officially earned its stripes as a sporting goods store in the mid-1960s. After surviving a few tsunamis, and a couple rounds changing hands, the Surf N Sea found its lifetime partner and current owner, Joe Green.

Joe had moved from Florida to chase Oahu’s best waves, picking up odd jobs and selling surfboards at swap meets to keep the dream alive. When his path crossed with the owners of the old yellow building, his swap meet sales transformed into a full-time business.

Fast forward 50 years, and the Surf N Sea is a ripping family business, offering tourists and locals alike everything from surfboards and beach gear to surf lessons, SUP rentals, fishing charters and scuba trips. We sat down with Mari Green, a manager at Surf N Sea, and one of the daughters of its legendary owner, to talk about the company’s history, it’s challenges and well, lunch. You can’t beat a suggestion from a local.

Mari Green and Joe Green at Surf N Sea OahuAs it turns out, operating out of a historic building like the Surf N Sea can really transform the game. Mari admits some of their biggest challenges are simply the upkeep of the building and maintaining the business’ authentic feel, “not turning it into something that it’s not.” Especially in the ever evolving surf industry, there’s always the pressure to modernize. They do their best to both keep up with trends and stick to their roots.

And they’ve done an incredible job with it. The shop carries more than just the latest in neoprene and board design. All the modern surf gear sits side-by-side with Joe’s collection of antique surfboards, a nod to the days when he was just a swap meet salesmen. He even has Duke Kahanamoku’s last ridden surfboard, still fitted with the original wax.

Balancing heritage with business is no simple task, but for the Greens, it’s been a long perfected art. In fact, the shop just hit the coveted milestone of 50 years in continual business, being recognized by SIMA as Hawaii’s longest running surf shop. Which is a huge honor, considering it’s the shops and surfers of the time that pioneered the thriving surf culture of today.

Colton Cruse and Mauricio Abreu at Surf N SeaSo besides the passionate team and iconic history, what’s their secret sauce? Surf N Sea doesn’t settle for anything less than perfect when it comes to customer service. They’ve built top-notch service into their personal sales system, even going to the extent of giving all new hires a 134-question test about their selling model. No pressure sales, a laid back atmosphere and knowledgeable guidance are all part of the master plan. We’re impressed.

If you’re ever on the North Shore, make a point to stop by and check out the gear, the history and the good vibes at the Surf N Sea. Whether you pop in to scope Joe’s antiques or join them for a surf lesson, it’s a Haleiwa must-do. And when you’re done, be sure to give Waialua Bakery, Mari’s favorite lunch spot, a try. We can attest, it’s the recipe for an epic day.